Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thrifting & Surprises for Me!

My mom & I, who are close pals, took a little 45 minute road trip to Hermiston & Stanfield Oregon yesterday. I was on a mission for forks. We stopped at a few antique & junk shops & found some interesting things....

Here's a scary doll head from the 1970's.

And a sweet little suitcase. My mom had a suitcase very similar to this when she was little. She remembers packing it up & running away from home.

I literally rolled out of bed & hopped in my mom's car for our trip. That's why I look so.......un-sassy. But, I'm still rockin' it with a random pink guitar I found at one of the stops along the way. No, I didn't buy it.

I was so excited to find these toys! I remember them when I was a kid. They're giant Tinker Toys. I can totally remember me & all my cousins gathered at grandma's house on Guemes Island playing with these one Christmas. And of course, being a wee kid, these things seemed ENORMOUSLY HUGE to me!!! Unfortunately the price wasn't so right to purchase them.

The shop I finally found my forks at also housed a sweet bunny named "Bun Bun"...

...& some little birdies.

Forks. SCORE!

More shakers for my vintage button bouquets.

The towns we were in are not that big, & our GPS had trouble finding "Points Of Interest". I had to take a pic because I thought that was so funny. Still, we managed to find our way around.

We ended the day with a root beer float. Num.
A big surprise awaited me when I returned from thrifting! I received a package from a contest I recently won over at whosies blog. Look at the handcrafted cupcake goodness that is ALL MINE! There's an apron, a small tote, 4 napkin holders, a dishtowel & a hot pad/pot holder. It's from Whosies and Whatknots.

***Owlie Holiday Ornament & Sweet Holiday Card now available in the shop!
Have a happy Sunday! (I'll be cuddling on the couch with some fuzzy socks, a warm blanket & a hot cup of something delicious. I'm feeling achy & blah!)


  1. I wish we had more antique places closer to us...I love going and browsing,ok buying too.
    I've been lurking around your place and wanted to say hello and I hope you get over being achy and blah. :) Lisa

  2. What a great pkg to return to! Looks like an awesome day and now I'm craving a rootbeer float!!!!

  3. Looks like a fun day of treasure hunting. Really cute winnings. Off to check out the blog link.

  4.! what a hip..happen'n place, tried their melons?? I am a transplant from walla walla, just about 45 mintues down the road...GREAT little town. I have been to hermiston MANY times, my aunt lives there. I do so enjoy stopping by and hearing you talk of my beloved northwest, smiles!

  5. i am soooo glad you like the cupcake stuff. nervous about sending to the cupcake expert! hee hee

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog with birthday wishes. I enjoyed myself here, with you. Very colorful and sweet with you and your munchkins. Cool tunes as well.


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