Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Bazaar. Day 1.

I had an excellent stress-free day, which was SO lovely. Honestly, I normally woulda been the crafty-mom-from-hell all day just anticipating & preparing for an event like this. But, I have been doing very well at getting a lot of stuff done before-hand. Last night was spent packing away & early this afternoon I loaded everything in the car.

I have a few vintage jewelry boxes lying around & they're always full of little compartments & drawers---perfect for storing small supplies & monies at the bazaar! Just a little tip for ya.

I had PLENTY of time to set up my display this afternoon. I originally thought I only had an hour & a half. Well, I had 2 1/2 hours. Score! And I had already planned out how I'd set stuff up, so that was perfect. EXCEPT, my original plan was to lean the large screen against a wall behind me. Well, I show up & there is no wall. But there are large masses of something covered in sheets behind me with signs that read : "Sensitive equipment, do not lay anything on me." I improvised & was able to display my book art on the screen beside my table.
This event is held at a school, so the charts & graphs & school-y looking decor in the background is not so crafty friendly. Oh well. Hey, I just noticed something. I'm sitting under Alaska. My grandpa passed away this week & my dad is on his way to Alaska tomorrow to attend the funeral. It's the small things, ya know?
Now down to the nitty gritty. How'd I do? Hmm. Well. It was a long & lonely night. I did get a lot of craftin' done though! Yeah, I sat alone in my uber uncomfortable chair (**Note to self: bring pillow. Another note to self: Forget the pillow, bring a massage chair.) & crafted away while customers came & went. The stream was actually pretty steady. But most passed me by. I didn't sell my first item until 2 hours after the event started! It was a short night though--only 4 hours. So, I'm trying to convince myself that tomorrow's slot will be much better. I hope. 9am-4pm. Tomorrow I'll have Tia, my pally wally, with me. So, it'll be tons of fun no matter what happens!
I just realized how tacky those tape marks on the floor look. Oh! My sign looks like crap in this picture but I think it actually turned out swell---for a quick 1-hour last-minute project! I'll have to get some closer sign pics later to show ya.

I did get to peek at all the other vendors a little today while they were setting up & I'm looking forward to some shopping tomorrow! I've already picked out some favorites!
Here's a hot crafty model sportin' the newest in cupcake attire.

I'm tempted to wear this shirt again tomorrow. Is that gross? It's awful bright & I'm sure some people would notice if I wore it again. Although, I did have a sweatshirt over it the whole time--with the cupcake peeking out of course. I'm doing it. I'm gonna do it. Me & my stinky cupcake shirt are gonna rock it again tomorrow. I love this shirt. Even if it was only 3 dollars. Even if I wash it & it shrinks so much that only my Cabbage Patch Kids can wear it, I don't care. I love it!

To pass the time at the bazaar, I started writing down some of the interesting comments people were making. Here are a few....
**One lady said of my owl ornaments: "That reminds of the lollipop owl." (She's talking about that owl that says "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" haha!)

**One lady said of my fork easels: "OH! Those are so cute! I know someone who could make those." (Um, yeah lady: ME! ) It was weird. I got a lot of that---of people commenting on how they could make the stuff I was selling. I'm sure they could, but you just don't say it in FRONT of the person who made it. Really odd. And kinda rude.
**There was LOTS of laughing at my fork easels, which was, again...odd.

**One lady, who was totally familiar with Etsy & even recognized some of my items as being on the front page, said "You look like an Etsy gal." It was meant as a compliment & I totally took it as one.

**One lady said the fork easels reminded her of Beauty & the Beast. I never thought about it, but I can see that.
**One little girl was looking at my vintage button rings & said, "I like how creative that is!"
I got TONS of compliments. I liked that part! And I got to meet some really cool people. It was fun to chat & visit & see the people that like, or don't like, my stuff. Lots of people reminisced about buttons when they saw all my button work. And even the book art brought people flashbacks of making art from Reader's Digest publications when they were kids. (?) I'll have to google it.
It feels nice to be home in comfy jammies & cozy socks & not feel rushed to make stuff. To just chill & take a break. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. And there'll be more candid shots. Fo sho.


  1. Did you smile sweetly when they said "oh I can make that " and under your breath say "go on then "
    Tommorrow will be better , have fun .
    Clare's Craftroom

  2. Oh some of the comments people make are priceless! I will do a blog post about it - be sure to drop by my blog.
    I have posted pics of my stall for the 2-day event I'm doing today and tomorrow, so I better get off the pooter and get moving!

  3. Isn't it crazy what people will say? Cracking up over the "I know someone who could make those". How strange.

    I bet day two you will rock it - your banner is so pretty.

    Sorry about your grandad. :(

    I'm going to have to let my baristas know that I require a buttcrack chair from now on!!!!!


  4. Gads! Those people and their rude comments. Don't they know that's not nice craft-fair going etiquette! I wish I near and could come and buy up some stuff and brag on it to the other shoppers standing nearby.

  5. I hope that your second day goes better. I like for other people to sell my stuff. It's just too hard to watch people go by and not buy something.
    I love your blog. Sometimes I just leave it up in another window after I'm done reading it so that I can listen to the happy music.
    By the way, how did you make it snow on your blog?

  6. people really can be thoughtless. i've done craft fairs before and it's a tough gig! all the best for the 2nd day nik! sell heaps!

  7. your table looks awesome! my comeback line for the people who comment about being able to make stuff themselves...I always say "yes, you could make this, but WILL you?" and that at least gets them thinking (not usually buying, tho. drat). good luck with your second day!!

  8. I totally noticed your banner first- it is cute! I can't believe some people would say that, but well, actually I can. Can't wait to hear how you did today.

  9. Try not to let the people who comment "I could make that" make you feel bad. Think about it - maybe they could - but will they? I get a grin and say, "Yes, you probably could, but I've already done the work for you!"

    I hope today went better! Your displays looks great :) I really need to work on mine...

  10. I've been waiting to hear how things went. Everything looked great! Don't worry about the sales-it's the economy right now. And the comments-those are par for the course. People don't realize how personal making our stuff is to us.


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