Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Bazaar. Day 2.

How tired I am! The second day went a little better---I had a banter buddy so I wasn't so lonely & speechless. That made the day SO much more lively! The same steady flow as the day before continued. As did the odd remarks & weird comments. (The best of the bunch included a woman, looking at my book art, & exclaiming: "Why would you do that to a book?") Although I didn't sell as much as I'd hoped to, it was a GREAT experience & I'd do it again. (And who the heck messed with my sign? I just noticed it in the photo! HAHA!) I met so many lovely people, including some other Etsy sellers, which was really the highlight, for me, of the holiday bazaar...
Nicole & Lindsay of Polka Pepper sell the most adorable hair accessories. I bought one for myself. I think they're mostly for kids, but I couldn't resist. All their headbands, hair clips & hair bands all have snaps on them. All you do is purchase any (or all) of those "bases" & then choose from their assortment of flowers--which also have a snap on the back--to attach it to your headband, hair clip or hair band. They're all interchangeable & I think it's SO clever! Nicole & Lindsay are a super sweet duo!

Elizabeth of Luna De Chrysalis greeted me on the first day of the show & said, "I hoped you'd be here!" She's peeked at my blog on occasion & is a very spunky lady! Neato! She sells TONS of bottle cap jewelry & other crafty goodies including sock creatures & funky bottle lamps. I bought a 'My Little Pony' necklace as a Christmas gift for my 4 year old.

Julie of Harper Road sells gorgeous, gorgeous bags & pouches. Really high quality & amazing work! It was really inspiring to see hip chicks selling hip crafts.

I also had the privilege of meeting the most lovely Danyelle & Krista of dandee & lou. (My favorite shop at the bazaar!!!) I made a sweet trade with the pair & scored a BEAUTIFUL book wreath, earrings & a ring. Check out Danyelle's blog HERE. I had so much fun chattin' it up & totally hope to run into them more often in our crafty biz-life. VERY sweet & talented people! (Where's Krista?! So sorry I didn't get a shot of her in the photo. I think she was at my booth snaggin' goodies!)

When the day was done & we were packing up, look what greeted us outside! We DO get the most beautiful sunsets around here.

I spent so many hours & hours & hours preparing for the show & am not disappointed at all with the outcome. (Now I've got LOADS of merch for the Etsy shop!) I'm really happy with all I've learned, I'm taking notes for next time, & I see nothing but positive from my 1st crafty show experience!

It's weird because I just wanted to chill on the couch & watch a movie last night but I was all antsy inside---feelin' like I need to make something! It doesn't feel normal to not be making something every second of the day since that's what I've been engrossed in for the last few weeks. But I'm fought the urge & took a much needed break. I'll start again today with my family holiday gift craftin'--& listing new items & (dearly loved owlies) in the shop! Look for new Wee Onesie designs, fab new button rings, recipe cards & fun paper-button-stitch tags for the 2pm shop update!


  1. Hey Chickie!

    Glad the bazaar went well. While you were doing that, I was doing two "art walks" - where local artists & craftspeople open their studios & homes for you to tour. It was so fun, and my old petsitter, and owner of the Furry Godmothers was on the tour - some of her things and some of Leslie's (Glitzkreig) really reminded me of yours - both of them are checking out your site today. :)

    Check them out at One Eared Cat

    and Glitzkreig

  2. Wow, great report, I can totally picture the whole scene especially the clueless folks, oy! I never know what to say when people look at my work and say "THIS is unusual." Hahahaha! Um, thanks? You were so brave to do the show and I hope you will try more! When you get just the right venue with people who "get" you, wow, it is magic!!

  3. The funny thing about doing craft shows is you NEVER know what the crowd is going to be like and what will sell. What you don't sell one thing of at one craft show will sell out at another. Each and every time out there is a different experience. I thing I like the best is seeing people get excited about your stuff, when you sell it on etsy it isn't the same personal experience. Keep on keep'n on!

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. Sounds like fun! I always come home from the few bazaars and fairs that I've done full of creative energy. I don't know if it's just being surrounded by creative vibes all day, left over "super-energy" from prepping for the show, or a mad rush of wanting to replace the items I've sold :P


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