Sunday, December 21, 2008

My latest EXCITING news!

This is where I did NOT go yesterday! The crowded parking lot scene doesn't look that bad, only because I grabbed my camera too late as we were passing by the mall. The sea of cars is actually lost behind the OTHER sea of cars. Believe me, there were lots of cars. Hubby & I shopped elsewhere, ate breakfast & realized that we didn't even have as many gifts to purchase as we originally thought. Mostly stocking stuffers, which is my FAVORITE part of every Christmas. I don't care if there's nothing under the tree for me. As long as my stocking is full of goodies!

OH! And whilst shopping, I scored an early present from Mr. WhiMSy love--- a digital photo frame! I'm thinking it will be lots of fun!

Last night some friends came over & brought us treats from Dairy Queen. I know. Doesn't make much sense as the scene outside resembled the Oreo cookie blizzard I was eating. It was yummy anyway! Before my blizzard-bearing guests arrived, I went outside to take some night pictures of my pink tree. Kinda fuzzy, but it's still fun to see the tree from the outside. Oooh, a holiday night light drive MUST be put on the 'to-do' list! It's one of those traditions I've had since being a wee WhiMSy kid.

My little gnome friend is adorable in the snow! He's all chipped & cracked up from being knocked around by the lawnmower this Fall. He may need replacing by next Spring. The picture was dark on my camera, but I lightened it on the computer & I love the speckled effect.

Ok, I'm finally ready to share with you my exciting news. Remember I was telling you that it has to do with my book art?? WELL......Next year my book art, Writing on the Wall, will be featured in the shop of the Bellevue Arts Museum!!! Isn't that so cool? It will coordinate with an altered book exhibit they have planned next year. I may have to take a little road trip...

Today I'll be doing my annual sugar cookie baking & decorating. The girls love it & we make a wonderful mess! Tomorrow I'm almost positive I'll have an extremely long post filled with way too many pictures of frosting & sprinkles! But, you wouldn't have it any other way, right? Right?!

Have a warm & cozy Sunday, my friends!


  1. love the pic with the girls in the window.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS Nikki- a museum gift shop? How thrilling!!

    We did sprinkles and frosting yesterday- but I forgot to bring my camera to my sister's house. I'm sure I made the bad bloggers list for that one. lol.

    So bring on your sugar sprinkled pics!!

  3. Wow! That sounds exciting, having your book art displayed and for sale in a museum! Congratulations! I agree with you on the stockings! It's so much fun to dig through all of the tiny little treasures.

  4. Congratulations!!!! And I am with you on the stockings, I love getting stuff for stockings! Have a great holiday!

  5. that's such great news nik! it's truly been a great year for you! i have enjoyed seeing your craft develop and grow through the year - all that fabulous publicity and wonderful tutorials you provide!

    i won't be able to post my santa cookie decorating until after we get back from my SIL's! it's always fun i know.

    merry christmas!

  6. Congratulations! How wonderful for you! (and good job avoiding the mall!) You so rock and I love your blog, so I'm glad you're getting such wonderful recognition.

  7. Congratulations! That's so great!

    I love your pink tree...and I'm with you on stockings! But somehow, this mom always gets forgotten when it comes to stuffing the stockings! Oh well, I love filling the kids with all the candies they love!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!



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