Friday, December 5, 2008


Look what I did yesterday morning. The kiddos & I were running almost late for school--as we are every morning--& then I step outside to see this on the windows. Pet peeve. Totally.
I had to show this picture. The hubby & I went on a coffee date yesterday. And look at these odd chairs Starbuck's has. There's a little square cut-out right in the tushy area. Weird. You sit down & it perfectly frames your butt crack.

When I SHOULD be packing up my crafty stuff for the holiday bazaar & finalizing all the little things that need finalizing, what am doing instead?? Experimenting with a new craft! Look what I made! I'll be sporting this rad new shirt at the bazaar. A crafty girl must look the part you know. And don't cupcakes bring good luck? Well, if they don't, they should.
Well, today is my holiday bazaar debut! I'm really excited---& oddly at peace without panic setting in. (Yet?) Mr. WhiMSy love & the kidlets will be dropping me off this afternoon & then I'm on my own. My mom was supposed to be my partner today, but my dad had some medical emergencies that, of course, took first priority- as they should. Tomorrow I'll be joined by Tia. Of the almost 90 vendors present, we'll be sharing a room with 4 other vendors. I really wanted to get us some tacky Christmas sweaters or cardigans to wear, but I didn't have time to thrift for them. Wouldn't that be awesome? I'm still on a mission to find some. And wear them out for a nifty festive occasion.
I'll peek on here tonight & let you know how the first day went!!


  1. Hope your first show is a blast! Your set up looks adorable, I'm sure you'll do great!

    By the way, those chairs are awful. All I could think about when I saw those are the young girls who wear their pants WAY too low, showing some bootie cleavage and having to look at "that" framed while trying to sip my thanks! :) A man must have designed them for sure!

  2. Is it snowing on your blog? That is TOTALLY WICKED! (That's my best Incredibles impression) You and your cupcake shirt are gonna rock the craft show--have fun!
    (and prayers for your mom and dad)

  3. I wish I could come see your stuff!

  4. Good luck on your show, and I love the music on your blog, my daughter is dancing to it as I type. Also I love your cupcake shirt and would love to know how to make it. Have fun and yes cupcakes (for me at least) are good luck.

  5. love the shirt. i sure hope it brings ya lots of good luck and some money too :)

  6. It is snowing on your blog?!! Amazing! You are going to rock out the show, I'm sure- how is it snowing on your blog?!!!!!


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