Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturdays. I Love You So...

My 4 yr old daughter played with her toy iron & vintage metal ironing board yesterday & helped me do laundry. She ironed her socks & undies. (Thanks! Now I don't have to!) She piled the undies high as she finished each pair & called it her "pantie stack". haha!

I love Saturdays. Very much. And this morning I'm so glad to FINALLY go Christmas shopping with Mr. WhiMSy love-- & leave the girls to bake cookies with grandma. Now we can get all those last minute gifts & stocking stuffers for the wee ones. Hopefully we score some dealios & get out quick. Crowds AND shopping is not my idea of fun. And this IS the last weekend before Christmas too. Triple whammy. I'm crossing my holiday shopping fingers that we get front row parking & encounter only friendly people. The first scrooge I meet gets a wedgie.

Is anyone else also freaking out about all their handmade holiday gifts STILL needing finished? How about the projects that actually need STARTING & finishing? I received some supplies in the mail yesterday so I'm excited to get sewing on something I've never tried before. We'll see how it goes! I'll show you----AFTER Christmas-----because a certain little Tia reads my blog & I don't want to spoil any surprises.

I've decided to close up shop for the holidays. Sunday will be the last day open until after the new year. I want to enjoy the holiday break with my girls. I'm excited to do all sorts of fun Christmas-like stuff with them & just be their mom. (Oh, I'll still be blogging!) Thanks to all my customers for SUCH an awesome year!! See you next year with some new goodies & old favorites!


  1. I don't like shopping either. Blech. I have not even STARTED my handmade gifts and have to film all day tomorrow so I will be scrambling next week.

    Would you mind renting out your domestic diva daughter? I do NOT iron and could use a little laundry elf!! :) Hope you have a great weekend.

    PS - love the playlist - have you heard Darden Smith? I think you'd like him - check out Field of Crows and Talk me Down.

  2. pantie stack!! lmao!! That is soo cute!!

    ooo I am going to try to get some wrapping done this afternoon and still have a couple of things to get. eeks.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas Whimsy Love (Nikki)!! xo

  3. I love that your daughter was ironing her panties! My daughter has one of those vintage ironing boards, too. Tonight she was actually helping fold each of her daddy's socks as they came out of the dryer. Merry Christmas! Hope you got some great buys today!


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