Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Portraits & Sassy Gloves.

I had THE most fabulously relaxing holiday weekend EVERS. Totally lazy. Totally chillin'. Totally awesome. Dude.
And that sweet mellowness seems to be following me into the week. How simply lovely.
Today the girls found my old trumpet. We had some fun with it. I'm sure the neighbors were having fun too.

My 4 year old blew so hard on the trumpet that not only did her face turn red & her eyes got all watery, but out popped the cutest little snot bubble from her left nostril. Good times.

I finally got pics of the handmade goodies I gave this Christmas. Just the girlies of my family got them. I learned to make these gloves from THIS TUTE on Little Birdie Secrets blog, by way of One Pretty Thing. I changed mine up a little bit from what the instructions said. They came out really cool & I am now in LOVE with oilcloth. It is so fun to work with! I plan on making some more oilcloth-y things in the future.

I took snapshots of the pairs I made for my mom & grandmother. All the ladies LOVED them! Now I just need to make myself a pair.

My shipping station turned 'holiday gift wrapping central' is now back to a shipping station, ready for orders to start rolling in when the shop opens up again on January 2nd. It's stocked with all the handy mailing supplies & I don't know why I didn't set something like this up sooner. I can actually have everything out & LEAVE it out instead of hauling tape out of the closet, boxes from the basement, scissors from who-knows-where, tissue paper from my art studio, etc. & then put it all back again to only start over the next week. I've set a little crafty ambiance with some miniature Chinese lantern globes & my vintage light-up globe. I'll fill in the blank spots on the wall later with more of my favorite things & inspirational images. It all might not LOOK pretty, but it functions BEAUTIFULLY!Would you like to have a little peek of the Valentine owlie??? Tune in tomorrow!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a great holiday.

    Love the gloves and the shipping station!

    It should be a great year for you!


    Sylvia C.

  2. Nik-Nik!!


    I adore adore adore these gloves!!! I must make some. I always wanted that sort of Lucille Ball vibe in my kitchen, and these are just the ticket.

    Brilliant. Love the pics of the ladies enjoying them.

  3. Your daughter is SO going to hate you for that picture when she is older and you are showing her boyfriend and retelling the story!

  4. What a cute little trumpet player using all her air! Love those gloves

  5. I love oil cloth too! Now, I have something new to make using the fab fabric. I especially love using it for lining purses and bags.

    And...I spy I lovely Mr. Owl at your shipping station. I have one just like it. I think it may have been a gift intended for my daughter Anne. But since she was a baby at the time and too naive to notice, I swiped him and made him my own.

  6. I can't wait to see your Valentine's Owlies!! :) Love the gloves too! Adorable!

  7. Oh my, I love the snot bubble! I cackled out loud when I got to that one! The gloves are just about one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I love them! I can't wait to see the Valentines Owlie.

  8. lol... you cracked me up with those adorable pictures.

    I wonder what will your 4 years old say when she's 15 and discover that picture in your blog.. hehe...

    Love the gloves, now they are too cute & cool to use.


  9. Other commenters beat me to it, but I'll say it anyway ...
    Kudos to you for publishing the snot photo - I recommend having it blown up to poster-size and having it on display at her 18th birthday party!

  10. What cute gloves! I am going to add them to my "must do" list this year!!

  11. I am soooo lovin those gloves..I wanna make some too!

    Your 4 year old is toooo cute...with that little snot bubble!

    Can't wait to see the Valentine owlie!


  12. Nikki, you crack me up!

    I just read all the way to the bottom of this blog page and smiled all the way through. It's nice to get caught up and listen to your fab music while I'm at it.

    Happy New year to you! God bless!!

  13. How fun are those sassy gloves? I would totally buy a pair for my sister - who is the only person I know who wears gloves when they clean. Although, I probably should- my hands are a WRECK! Let me know fi you add them to the shop!!

  14. Love the gloves, but I have to ask. Where, oh, where did you find the oil cloth? I've been looking for it and seemed to not be looking well, because I can't find it! and I want to make a backpack I found on U-handblog... (Love the snot bubble, too!)


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