Monday, December 22, 2008

Sugar Cookies & a Snowy Day!

Yesterday I baked my traditional holiday sugar cookies. I, along with my little brother & big sis, used to help our mom make & decorate these cookies every Christmas. And now I do it with my girls. It's really an all day thing. Quite a job. And now I understand why mom so generously handed down the task to me. I love it though! I make a big production & celebration of it every year.

I must admit that while gathering the ingredients & preparing for the measuring, mixing, sifting & stirring, I noticed the family playing outdoors. In my snowboots & apron, I joined in on the snowy fun!

Mr. WhiMSy love was trying to build a snowman for the wee WhiMSy kidlets, but the snow was too powdery this time around. Not so swell for snowman building. Or snowball fights. But, he had a plan! He built a foundation using some boxes he got from work...

...& then somehow the snowman ate the boxes because it ended up looking like this. This is the weirdest snowman I have ever seen. Poor fella. He is kinda cute though, & the girls ADORE him!

Vintage button eyes....of course! And a red ribbon smile.

After our chilly fun, it was time for hot cocoa & then back to work on the cookies!

My 6 year old is proudly wearing her cupcake apron from Jeanetta of splendid designs. She baked with grandma the day before, so that apron is working over-time!

Sshhh! I snuck some dough.

Now it's frosting time!!

This year the cookies will have a psychedelic theme. I went kinda dark & crazy with the NEON food coloring.

This is my favorite cookie of the day. Compliments of my 4 year old.
This morning we put goodie plates together & will be delivering them to family & friends. (I'm also tucking some away in the freezer to save for Christmas afternoon at grandma's house!)

And I might as well mention now that WhiMSy love is officially closed for the holidays. I'll be honest & say it was kinda hard to do. I've never closed my shop before. So, if you see double or triple blog posts in ONE day, just know that this is my outlet while the shop takes a break!

Now the wee WhiMSy elves & I are off to deliver some tasty treats...


  1. The cookies look great! Sugar cookies are my weakness! I ate 10 yesterday! Wait a minute, am I going to post this pubically? I mean I only ate one. I didn't mean to have that extra zero earlier. Yes, that is right, I only had one cookie.

    The cute of you and mister is so CUTE!

  2. what a great post. we have the same tradition, AND the kids' decorated cookies look JUST like the one decorated by miss 4! so cute. i have so many photos just like that. i'm making my cookies today and we're taking them up to my SIL's on christmas eve (tomorrow!)

  3. I laughed SO HARD at the snowman. (With you, of course.) Thanks, I needed that. :D

  4. That's the cutest Whimsy Couple picture ever. Merry Christmas Minxy. (I haven't called you that in awhile!)

  5. Okay you sure didn't dissappoint- what a lovely post full of sugary goodness and SNOW!

    Have a very Merry Whimsy Christmas!!


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