Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're baaaaack....

I think I failed to mention that the little owlies WILL be fluttering around the shop year-round! I'm really excited, too, because it'll give me an excuse to use all these vintage fabrics I like to hoard AND I'll get to shop for more, moRE, MORE lovely prints! Some new owlies will be ready sometime in January. I'm happy to keep them around. I would've missed the little guys!
So, last night the hubby went to Toys R Us at around 9:30pm--through the snowy, slick roads to purchase Christmas gifts for our girls. We really can't figure out when we'll be able to do our holiday shopping without them. And the toy store was open until midnight. SCORE!
I must share with you my toy dilemma. We decided to get our girls one nice big gift this year, instead of a bunch of little things. So, I immediately knew I wanted to get my 6-year old a Barbie-style dollhouse. But I've been struggling for the longest time on what to get my 4-year old. Finally, a few weeks ago, I saw that crazy large dog, Biscuit, that does all those tricks & stuff. I thought it would be PERFECT for my 4-year old. She loves puppies & she's sure to love this one! Well, shopping & browsing through some toy aisles one day with my girls, that puppy was spotted on display. My 6-year old SQUEALED & went on & on & on about how she wants it for Christmas. And now, my 6-year old WON'T stop talking about that dog!!! I even thought about getting my 4-year old something else & having them both SHARE that dog. I kept dropping questions to my 6-year old to feel her out, like: "Honey, what if you didn't get that puppy? What if Santa delivered it for both you & your sister to share?" She replied: "That wouldn't be good." (Yikes!) And last night, at midnight, I peeked on the girls as they were sleeping & my 6-year old totally woke up & said (sleepily): "Mom, I'm dreaming about that dog that does tricks..."
I'm hoping the dollhouse she gets--which is taller than she is!!--will distract from the pain of not getting the puppy. Am I meanie for not just giving HER the dog instead? The thing is, I know these are both perfect gifts for my girls. My 6 year old LOVES her Barbies & my 4 year old is crazy about animals! I'm running out of toy options & running out of time.
Christmas morning should be interesting...


  1. Cute owls! Thats a tough choice, hope everything works out! =)

  2. Six years of age is a bad year to be disappointed.... Maybe you could switch the toys for the gifting and know that they'd each eventually share...

    Or give them each two gifts...to share...and a book or gift certificate to take an extra trip to the zoo or the library or something...

    Or take both gifts back and try again????

    Well, anyhow, I don't envy you at all with this dilemma...

  3. I am new to your blog but read about your gift giving dilemma.... and I'm afraid that if my 5 1/2 year old got her heart set on something.... NOTHING would distract her from it.

    So if the little one gets the dog.... I foresee big issues.

    Sorry!!! (((HUGS)))

    I hope you figure it out and that both kiddos are thrilled on Christmas morning!!!



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