Wednesday, January 21, 2009

French Toast.

I love breakfast. In fact, my family & I often eat it for dinner. And French toast is one of my most favorite breakfast-type foodies. It is SO easy to make. Easier than pancakes. ALMOST as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal.

2 eggs, 1/2 CUP milk, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. Mix in a bowl. Dip your bread, a few seconds on both sides.

Cook those babies up, both sides. DONE.

Oh, it smells so good!

It brings my girls running to the kitchen. And my 4-year old looks on in part annoyance, part confusion & wonders why mommy just won't feed her already. (Me & my picture taking, ya know.)

And for those of you with kidlets who don't know this trick already: a pizza cutter works EXCELLENT to cut anything from sandwiches to....well, pizza.

It looks like even Tinkerbell has joined us for breakfast. I notice her tiny cup & miniature plate on the table.
Our favorite topping is butter & powdered sugar.

I usually eat the crusts first. And then I'm left with the ooey gooey center. Mmmmm. I could eat French toast every day.


  1. Looks so yummy. I want some for breakfast tomorrow now. But I want it with powder sugar and we have none. I guess it will have to keep for a day we have powder sugar. :-)

  2. thanks for the recipe! french toast is something everyone already thinks you know how to do, but i dint have a clue! shall be trying this with the kids at the weekend :)

  3. Oh yeah, I love the french toast too. I just spent Sunday night out at my parents house and my mom made french toast for breakfast. I felt like a little girl again, hanging out in the kitchen while she made it.

  4. I SO love french toast with butter and powdered sugar! My grandma makes the best! She always made it for me when I was little and I still love to eat it. Yum Yum!

  5. What an awesome post about an everyday ordinary thing that people take for granted! French toast is so fabulous- we eat it all of the time! Ironically, my daughter Olivia tells me everytime that it's Tinkerbell's favorite food and that powdered sugar is just fluffy fairy dust. :)

  6. We are a french toast family too! I don't add vanilla though. I'll give that a try next time. Ohhh, I love all day jammie days. :) It's the best kind of day.


  7. You sooooo have made my mouth water and my tummy grumble b/c there is no french toast in it.
    I've never made any myself, but my mom did when I was a kid and I get it for brunch sometimes when out and about. You've made it seem so easy, I just may have to try it this weekend. Thanks!!

  8. I love this stuff, too!
    It took me a while to realize how EASY it really is!

    (Way easier than pancakes, in my opinion. Those suckers have to be fluffy, but to not to dark, yet not to battery. Ug!)

    Hope all is well for you!
    Sylvia C.

  9. i love french toast too!!! it is my favorite. I make an orange french toast (so much better than it sounds) and people flock to our house whenever they hear I'm going to make it...

  10. Yummy for yur tummy! Sounds delish!

  11. Oh my that looks so very good! I'm trying to lose some weight right now so I'll hold off for a while making it. I love cinnamon on french toast.

  12. ooo delish!! Thanks Nikki! I'll be doing that this wknd!

  13. I usually make it with French bread.... I must do it your way A-sap. so much for the low carb new year.... where did I put that wonder bread anyway?
    cute blog.. love checking in here.
    peace, love, cookies~ laura

  14. I love your french toast man! Totally hilarious!

  15. I don't really like french toast (I think my mom made it too often when I was growing up), but after I read this post the other day I had to have it. That is how pregnancy works I guess. My husband said "YOU had french toast?"

  16. What a fun breakfast! I love mr. french toast! :D

  17. i LOVE french toast!!! great pics


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