Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going to See Pops

I'll be gone this weekend, leaving early this morning with my sis & grandmother to drive the trip to Seattle again to see my dad. THIS time we're staying the night! I'm so anxious & excited to see my dad & mom. His birthday is in 4 days & I'm hoping to do something special. Not sure what. He can't eat cake. Or drink punch. Or blow party horns. Not sure if he'd appreciate a birthday hat. I'll have to think about it...
My dad had surgery again yesterday---his 3rd one in less than a month. Though the cancer is now gone, there's still some other problems that the docs are trying to fix up. It's been a scary journey & will continue to be a long healing process. And the whole "waiting with bated breath" thing? I'm turning blue from holding my breath so long.
See you Monday...


  1. Your father and family is in my prayers.

    And I'm sure you'll come up with something cool & creative for his birthday. :)

  2. Hey chickie -

    I will pray for your dad.. Be safe.

    Congrats on that stupid craft law getting delayed by a year! Yay for you!!

    I had an idea for you at CHA though. If the stupid law does become a reality next year, then just label your onesies " For ages 12 & up only".

    heh heh.

  3. Best wishes for your Dad and a happy birthday .
    clares craftroom


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