Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hooooo Loves You? I DO!!

Owlie giveaway! YAY! I loved the holiday owlie ornament giveaway so much. What I loved about it was reading all the comments about your favorite holiday ornament. So now, all you have to do for a chance at winning this Valentine Owlie is to leave a comment with a Valentine or romantic theme. It could be your favorite romantic poem, a favorite Valentine gift you ever received, a tradition you have on Valentines day.
Drawing will be held Friday January 16th.

ALSO, I'm going to be a part of the One World One Heart giveaway again this year. It's an event where bloggers from all over the world have a chance to get to know each other & have drawings on their blogs. Like a universal blog-party with prizes. As you hop around from blog to blog, entering drawings, you get to peek in on some other bloggers that you might not have peeked at before. Last year I was lucky enough to have one of the prizes I gave away featured in the summer issue of 'Artful Blogging' by Somerset Magazine. I'm planning a doozy of a prize this year. The event starts on January 19th & the drawings are all held on February 12th. Last year I think I won about 3 drawings!! Anyway, that's just something to look forward to.

If you don't win this cute little owlie, don't fret my owlie lovers---there's plenty more in the shop.

**Drawing will be held at 5pm PST.


  1. ohh first comment - the pressure.

    Hubby is Japanese and bought me a pair of beautiful chopsticks, he note read

    'We are like a pair of chopsticks, we work perfectly together but as a single one we are rendered usless'

  2. Last year, my fiance and I weren't able to celebrate on Valentine's Day, because he had a meeting at church. So, we decided to start a tradition of celebrating one week after Valentine's Day. We still get the special time, but we avoid the hiked-up prices on flowers, chocolates and restaurants!

    P.S. Love the chopstick quote, Jojoebi!

  3. This is kind of silly, but I recently moved in with my man, and we adopted two kittens--the first one from a shelter (Marli) and the second one, two months later, from an animal rescue agency (Mo.) They are crazy fun bundles of energy and are always making trouble but we love them sooo much.

    So yesterday, my BF was telling me about signing up for Borders Rewards. While he was registering on the website they asked him "where he was in life," and from the dropdown box he chose "starting a family." Because of the kittens. How ridiculously cute is that!

    I totally love your owlies! And Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday EVARR. :]

  4. that owlie is adorable and I would love to have it.

  5. Love the owlie..Owlie Goodness!!
    hmmm. Honestly I am not a V-day fan...but I think I may have Chinese food now every with chopsticks just because of the above quote!

  6. Darling husband buried his beloved grandmother on Valentine's Day 2002. It's also the day we began OUR journey together. He says he lost one angel only to gain another. We returned to the same restaurant every year on Valentine's Day (Applebee' NY we even sat at the same table and now in GA we go to our local one). In 2006 our 1st daughter was born....we took her to Applebee's that year at 1 month old. To us, it's not Valentine's Day, it's Applebee's Day!

  7. I love everything Valentine's and always do it up BIG time.
    But, when I was 7 I remember my great aunt came to stay and she and my Mom and I made about 100 sugar cookies that we decorated really elaborately and gave to all the neighbors.
    I LOVED it, which is what Valentine's is all about right??

  8. Nothing is sweeter than me and my Milty! Everyday is Valentine's day! Milty how I love you!! Wen

  9. A few years ago, a bunch of girlfriends and I got together to celebrate QuirkyAlone day (a modern V-day variation). We had a big sleepover with martinis, makeovers, spa treatments, movies, and huge amounts of food.
    It was a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love these little Owlies. However, I've no recent stories to share. Yep. Hmmm mmm....

    But... I used to love filling out all of the Valentines when I was in grade school and giving them to all of my classmates. There was always that one special boy who got the BIGGEST Valentine that came in the boxed set, and a wobbly little hand drawn heart next to my signature. Of course it seemed like a marriage proposal when I was 7 years old!

  11. I really just need to be buying my own owlies from your shop but here goes....
    My hubby and I like to MAKE our Valentine's cards for each other. It is so cute to see what each other can come up with to top the year before. He is actually the one who started this tradition with us.

  12. I can't think of any romantic Valentine's husband is romantic every day, so I don't pressure him about V-day (our daughter does enough for both of us!),but I think, Amber, That's Me! should get it (and I don't know her) because her husband actually came up with the tradition to MAKE their Valentine's cards. How terrific is that?

  13. One year my husband bought me a box of chocolates. You know the traditional ones that are red with roses that embellish the front? I love chocolates...I opened the box and there lied a pearl necklace on top of the chocolates.
    Yummy, pretty and oh so sweet!
    Last Valentines Day he bought me a laptop. I have it decorated pink, of course!
    I love Valentine's day!!
    I have many heart and strawberry earrings from over the years. I'm very sentimental for that day.

  14. One year my hubby gave me a simple small red box. Inside on 50 little strips of paper were 50 thongs he loves about me. Love it still.

  15. Love those owls. My favorite Valentine memory is the birth of my daughter. She was supposed to be a Valentine Day baby but decided to come on New Years Eve! We always kid her about being an early Valentine Baby!!

  16. Lots of comments already girl! As always...I love the owlie!

    Being that our daughter's b-day is right around Valentine's day, we usually spend the day with her. Instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants and paying mucho $$$ we buy some good steak and whatever else we are in the mood for and eat at home after the kiddos are in bed. It is MUCH quieter and there is no need to fret about money being spent!!

  17. In high school, one of the clubs did a thing where you could buy carnations for your classmates to be delivered during classes throughout the day, and if it was red it meant love, pink meant friends, and white meant secret admirer. I had never received any, but junior year I got 2 white ones. I had no clue who it was from since I wasn't dating anyone and none of my friends could keep a secret.

    I knew someone in the club that was doing it because our parents worked together, so I mentioned it to him and he said he received a note with instructions. He pulled the note out of his bag and I recognized the handwriting immediately. It was from my mom. She knew I didn't like Valentine's Day much since I didn't date a lot in high school, so she wanted to make me feel special. I started tearing up and thanked my friend profusely. I never told my mom that I knew, but that Valentine's Day will always be special.

  18. We actually have never celebrated Valentine's day. My birthday is two days before that and it just isn't a "real" holiday to either of us, so I make a card, but that's about it. Although, on year I got this HUGE bouquet of gorgeous roses in a nice pretty vase on the 13th of February. Well, my dear and wonderful husband had a card tucked into it that said, "Happy Day Between!" It was the sweetest and most creative little thing! I loved it!

  19. Every Valentine's Day my mom would leave a present on our dinner plates. It was never anything big, or extravagant. Just something small and simple to show her love for us. I have continued that tradition with my children, and they love it! Great blog!

  20. I think I'll share a poem... written by yours truly, written about my wedding day...

    what a beauty

    what a beauty, this love
    which rests inside me

    with a smile to the sun,
    a giggle rests within my soul

    from that big blue sky above
    counting the clouds—
    never too many out of reach

    wishing to hold on
    to seize the fineness of
    the moment

    i touch all I can touch
    i breathe in all there is
    to breath

    capture every sense
    there is to have in this moment
    what a beauty it is,
    to have it all forever—

    good luck to you all. May the best owlie lover win!

    Sylvia C.

  21. Lotsa cute stories, poems, and traditions already! We have a family dinner, sometimes I cook it but usually it's Chinese takeout, and then we exchange handmade valentines with each other. It's pretty cute to see teenage boys get busy with the construction paper and glitter! (You know how I love your owlies!)

  22. When S & I were dating he surprised me with roses and a dinner at this little fab place in Madison, WI called Louisianne's. Delish cajun/New Orleans type food. After dinner we met up with a bunch of his law school mates at The Essen House and debated politics (I'm not really into politics but it was in 2000 so the election was that year) and did a boot! (You know, the big glass boot mug that you all share while doing a drinking game?) Definitely memorable!

    But this year, I made a cute card for my business with owls that says, 'Owl always love you!'

    As always, LOVE the owlie!! :)

  23. "Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart." ~Author Unknown

    My husband of almost 18 yrs. never lets a Valentine's Day go by without a card, flowers, and of course, chocolate. Oh, and usually my choice for dinner.

    What I love most about him is that he brings me flowers at different times throughout the year, not only on certain holidays. He'll bring them home and will say: "Just because" or "I was thinking that you needed these".

    :o) Stephanie

  24. Ok so my husband doesn't celebrate what he calls the 'hallmark holidays' so valentine's is quite simple in our house. However, since he knows that I do like valentine's he usually gets me something special. So last year, he bought me a card and on it he drew a picture of me as the sweetest little princess.

  25. Just found your blog the other day - great stuff! I especially love the owlies :)

    V-day was never that big of a deal for me until I got married. My husband loves holidays and it's fun to have a special day to get a little extra love!

  26. First off, my birthday is Feb 11, so I kinda get ripped off for either my b-day or Valentiine's Day, but my hubby makes up for o other days just for no reason. He is a a total sports nut (and I am just the opposite!) We have known each since th grade and began dating our Sr year of high school. My friends all said things to the effect of "He is really a nice guy, but he is seems SOOO unromantic - way too interested in playing and watching sports." Little did they did he was a poet in disguise...a favorite part from just one "blowing bubbles outside, building a swing set with a slide Splashing puddles in the street I look forward to more with the ones I adore. Who knows what all we might see. Thanks for all you do and for just being you" Love, Me
    He has also written 2 very special poems for each of our children, at my request. Also, one year I got in my car to find flowers and a tape that said "play me" (yes it was THAT long ago!!) He had recorded a radio show all about me in addition to "our" song.

  27. Okay, I don't have a good story, so I'm going to write your owlie a Valentine's Day haiku.

    Whimsy Owl - your heart
    Beats for an owl who is not
    Yet revealed to us!


  28. before year I asked for flowers, chocolate and lingerie and got all three! I was so excited.

    after children....we always have a candlelight dinner as a family with sparkling cider, gourmet raviolis and ceasar salad.

    the heart on the owl makes mine melt!

  29. Hubby dearest and I aren't for lots of hooplah and surprises gone bad ... so for our first Valentine's day he bought a nice black leather sketch book and wrote me a love letter in it. His thought was that it would be our love story and we would pass it back and forth on different holidays and anniversaries.

    For our first anniversary I went and started the story from the beginning and cut and pasted all our emails and texts and our 'singles profiles'. Yup, we met online and, whether I like it or not, that's our story. :D I love it. I love that we can go back and read it. I love that our kids will have it one day to remember it all for us.

  30. We don't really have a tradition because my husband seems to always be at a field exercise or deployed on Valentine's Day. I do buy the kids each a little stuffed animal and a small box of chocolates.

  31. On our first Valentine's Day together my hubby had 11 roses in a vase sitting in the bathroom. (Odd to walk into the bathroom and see roses on the counter!) On the mirror was a post it note that said, "If you are looking for the 12th rose, look in the mirror." Kinda cheesey but incredibly sweet!!

  32. I use to love the valentines day party at school when I was little so much fun con5459(at)gmail(dot)com


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