Monday, January 26, 2009

I Highly Recommend This.

My best pally wally, Tia & I were trapped inside our locked vehicle. Windows rolled up. Soapy suds, in neon hues, attacking us. Giant swirling & twirling brushes approaching us with extreme centrifugal force. Massive rag-like sponges hovering on all sides. Hoses locked & loaded waiting for their turn to fire at us with a powerful force. There was no escape.

Ok, so we were just at the car wash. And maybe being isolated in a car for that whole 3 minutes was too much for us. But, a little car wash drama makes for a silly fun day.

**Thanks for all who have entered my One World One Heart giveaway so far! I've officially doubled the entries that I had last year---412!! (There's still plenty of time to enter if you haven't done so.)

And here are my newest button creations: Vintage Button Brooches! As most of you know, I'm a huge button lover. And I keep getting more & more buttons added to my collection that are just too big to use for my Vintage Button Rings. So, I've decided to make these little floral lovelies with them. I'm totally getting into brooches lately too. Anyway, have a peek at the brooch HERE & don't forget that all the rings are 15% off thru Jan. 31st!


  1. What a joy ride! lol I have a head-ache because I have been laughing so hard from your pictures!

  2. i love being inside the car during a wash!


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