Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Like Mom Used to Make...

My mom used to make pie crusts & other doughy goodness when I was younger & she let me have the leftovers to play with. I loved it!

Well, I decided to have some pie dough fun with my girls. I have NEVER made a pie crust. (Is that sad?!) And I wasn't about to start today. I just made the dough. I promise I'll make a real pie later.

And then OUR fun began!

The girls poked & smooshed & rolled the dough. Although I warned them that it wasn't terribly tasty, they even snuck a few bites. I could've made sugar cookie dough or something more tasty. But, it's just too easy to mix flour, salt, shortening & water.

We sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar...(just like mom used to let me do...)

...& baked them in the oven.

Nothing gourmet, it doesn't even taste that good, but it was just for fun!


  1. See now you have created a memory for your children . Good fun .
    Clares Craftroom

  2. You just brought back a sweet memory for me! My mother also used to let me make "cookies" out of the leftover pie crust. Then she'd bake it for me and it was even better tasting than the pies! Thanks for the memory!

  3. That is so cool! This never occurred to me...I just stuff the uncooked dough right into my mouth, lol.

  4. So much fun!! I am LOVIN' your girls' mini Tupperware set!!! Where'd you find it??????

  5. Hi Melissa!
    I know! I was so giddy when my mom & I found the tupperware set, not-so-ironically, in a tupperware catalogue. haha! I totally had one as a kid too. I couldn't find the mini pitcher w/lid that came with the 4 mini cups. That was MY favorite thing in the set as a kid too.


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