Monday, January 12, 2009

Mosaic, Monkey & Marbles

I created my first mosaic "week in review". I totally love the super-favorite-colorful-oozing-with-happiness-girly Jek in the box's mosaics & thought I'd start giving it a go. My mosaic turned out quite bland. But I just learned how to make them & it's my first try. I hate that it is full of so many self portraits. My daily dose of the 365 will do that. I've also been busy on the homefront with family stuff, so I haven't been taking a whole lotta photos this week. I'll work on it. You can go to Big Huge Labs & have fun with your photos too.

I LOVE how my little monkey perpetual calendar turned out though! Isn't he hilarious & adorable?! I'm anxious to look around the Canon Creative Park website at all the fun paper projects they have.

Alright, I'm off to put together the crafty kits for my MOPS group (Mothers of PreSchoolers) tomorrow. I'm reviving a craft that I taught the moms to make about 3 years ago--marble magnets. They are SUPER fun to make, sooooo easy & it was one of the most popular crafts I've taught in the last 4 years. Everyone loved 'em!

And look at the cool LARGE, really flat glass pieces I found. I can't wait to use those!!

Hope you're havin' a fabulous Monday!


  1. I did the marble mags last year for our MOPS. We did them up in a little tin. They were a hit. I am lovin' the large ones, where did you find those?!

  2. I wish I lived near you- I'd totally attend your classes. :)

    I started another blog today- having fun setting it up...

    oh, and I also ordered your prize- enjoy!!

  3. Nikki, I've been blog-lurking... but am finally leaving a comment because I am totally loving your blog! So fun! So sad I will miss the magnets tomorrow, they are so fun to make... I love looking at different papers under the pebbles- it's like a little suprise everytime!

  4. Great monkey! I love the mosaic week in review, what a great idea!

  5. I LOVE your monkey clock, lol, totally crazy eyes! a little something for you :)

  6. Love the marble magnets! I just did this with my monthly girls group. They were skeptical of our first-ever craft (usually just wine/food/conversation) - but they loved them! We made them into rings too! One question for you, super-crafter: What's the best way to affix the blank adjustable rings or magnets to the glass? E6000? Thanks.

  7. where did you find the clear glass marbles. I found large flat glass marbles and we did this project with my Pre-K class but the glass pieces had a opally finish and it hid some of the patterns on the papers my little lovelies chose to use....HELP!

  8. Hi, there! I really like your "week in review" layout. Very nice. And those pieces of glass look like fun, too! So much yummy potential there! :-)


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