Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Weekend.

What a really nice trip I had. It was an all-day-Saturday, very tiring, emotional event. My brother & sister & I traveled in the morning by the light of the moonlight. (Yes. THAT early.) At the top of Snoqualmie Pass we made a stop---as is our family tradition whenever we travel this way. Mostly we have to pee anyway, but even if we don't, we get out to ooh & aah & enjoy the beauty. (The top picture was created using Tiltshift Maker. It makes "miniatures" out of your pictures. Thanks Rachel at One Pretty Thing for sharing this!)

My sis & I had to pee so bad, but when we walked into the women's bathroom & heard a MAN coughing-- we RAN (!) out of there as fast as we could. HAHA! After the man walked past us, we BURST into giggles. Look at the view from the bathroom!

In the parking lot, beside us was this HILARIOUS sight. It's a car rack shaped like a giant foot wearing a giant flip-flop. On the side it reads "My Bunion is Burning". And, sure enough, I noticed the large painful protruding bunion. HAHA!Seeing my dad in the hospital was quite hard. But it gave me such relief to be with him. He was quite loopy from all the drugs. We did have a lot of laughs! And I can't wait to tell my dad all the funny stuff he said when he gets all better. The hardest part was leaving my parents. My mom is able to stay at the Fisher House there. What a NEAT home for families of veterans & those in the military. I'm VERY impressed & happy that she has an extremely comfortable place to stay. I was hoping the snow would fall so hard that the mountain passes would close & we'd be trapped in Seattle. But that's not what happened. Bummer.

On our way home we stopped at the Alpental Ski Lodge at the top of Snoqualmie Pass. We played in the snow & had a GREAT time! I didn't want to leave. This is the bridge that leads to the lodge & all the skiing. We didn't ski or snowboard, but had fun anyway. I only wish we'd packed a sled!

On top of the bridge we saw the most beautiful view of snowy trees, & a stream running underneath. Giant snowflakes were falling from the white, white sky. It was so magical & wonderful & lovely & magnificent. And, of course, my simple point-n-shoot camera can't explain it well enough either.

A fire-pit was set up outside. What a cool place this was. I loved watching all the tiny skiers bundled in turtlenecks, puffy winter pants, stomping clumsily around in their ski boots. Reminded me of winters with my family when I was a kid.

I was given this link by Nic & thought I'd share it with you: A project called Spirit Jump connects a person battling cancer with a gift giver. A small act of kindness to lift someone's spirit. It could be a card, something handmade, anything really. I think this is so amazingly neato. Click the 'Spirit Jump' link to read more about this super cool idea!


  1. Love all the snow but mostly cause it's not here anymore. ;O) Super cute minature photo maker thingie. It looks like something out of a snow globe. SO happy you got to go see your Dad!

  2. Sounds like an equally exhilerating and exhausting weekend. I am so glad your Dad came through surgery okay. :)

    Those are some cool links you've shared I'm definitely going to check them out!

    And last but not least...

    beautiful pics- once again.

    Have a great day Nikki.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome trip - it must have been such a relief to see your Dad!

  4. Fingers crossed for your dad. All will be well. Love the minature photo trick. I'm off to give it a whirl.

  5. So happy you got to visit with your dad...I was keeping my fingers crossed for you regarding Snoqualmie (sorry about not uncrossing them for the trip home, I didn't know!). Like Beck posted above, I loved the snow pictures, but mostly because we've gotten a few days off from it!

  6. Oh how cool! That's a perfect picture for Tilt Shift Maker!!!

  7. ok that car rack is just scary. glad you got to see your dad


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