Friday, January 16, 2009

Owlie Winner!

Thank you SO much to all who entered the Valentine Owlie giveaway! I LOOOOVED reading your Valentine comments VERY much!
I put all the lovely participants names in a lovely bowl & my lovely daughter picked out a lovely winner:

Congrats to CARRIE ME! for winning the Valentine Owlie! Here's what Carrie me! had to say:
"I love everything Valentine's and always do it up BIG time. But, when I was 7 I remember my great aunt came to stay and she and my Mom and I made about 100 sugar cookies that we decorated really elaborately and gave to all the neighbors. I LOVED it, which is what Valentine's is all about right??"

On Monday I'll be revealing my One World One Heart Giveaway prize(S!)!!!
**Sorry I wasn't so timely on announcing the winner. Just woke up a from a nappy nap. I was exhausted from a trip I took over the mountains with my sis yesterday to see my dad again in Seattle. He just had ANOTHER surgery today & is doing well.


  1. Woo Hoo!! I really won that adorable owlie??? Thanks so much! We'll take good care of him =)

  2. Congratulations "Carrie Me"! I just love these little owlies! Lucky you!!!!


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