Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random in '09.

This is a totally random post. (My favorite kind.)

Someone asked where I got the oilcloth from for the sassy cleaning gloves. I got it from Ebay. The seller is Tiffany & her shop is called Pink Elephants. It's gorgeously vintage-like & yummy to work with. I needed it speedy for last minute Christmas gifts (I was literally up until 2am Christmas morning making 5 sets of gloves!) & she sent it very quickly.

I forgot to reveal the outcome of the whole Christmas Present Scenario. Remember how I mentioned that we got my 4 year old that big dog, Biscuit, & my 6 year old a big Barbie-style dollhouse? And how before Christmas it was the 6 year old who wouldn't stop talking about Biscuit? (She even woke up telling me about dreams she'd had of her & Biscuit. **cringe**) Well, Christmas morning went on flawlessly, with just a SLIGHT bump before presents were opened. Mr. WhiMSy love was extremely concerned that our 6 year old would be upset about not getting Biscuit. So, he left HUGE hints letting her know that she was not getting the dog. (Ouch, I know. He's a blurter. I would've done it differently.) She is giddy about her dollhouse though--- & even gets to play with her sister's new dog sometimes. She got the best of both worlds.

I was asked about my 365 DAYS self portrait thingie. My self portraits can be seen HERE. There's even a feed at the bottom of that link if you wanted to subscribe to my 365 DAYS set.

I started back into my workout routine today. It was SO hard to get motivated. But I enjoyed afterwards---when I realized that I would be alone & have some peace & quiet for the first time in FOREVERS. I even had time to sneak into my favorite antique mall & purchase some vintage fabric & buttons & rik-rak. It's my weakness.

I HAVE to share THIS SONG by the Animal Liberation Orchestra. Maybe it'll only be me who thinks it's funny. It is SO Mr. WhiMSy love & I. Every time he comes home from the gym he goes through the same routine--obsessed if I can tell a difference in his chest. Are all guys like this? (Song title: Do You Like My Pecs?)

It's been very quiet in WhiMSy blogland...Hope you're having a swell week!!


  1. Thanks for letting me know where the oilcloth can be had. (Now I need to save money - post-Christmas craft budget - sheesh!)

  2. How weird that I was thinking about what you did with Biscuit/Barbie House today while making some soup. I don't know why I was thinking about it but I was going to drop you a comment to ask... And then I saw your post! Question answered. I think I may order a valentine owlie too...

  3. Glad to hear Christmas morning went well. Are you allowed to play in the Barbie house too?

  4. Oh I'm glad you posted about the portraits!! When I got off the plane in Florida there was a girl waiting for someone that I could have sworn was you! I almost said something to her! It was freaky. You have a twin in orlando!!


  5. Love your Valentine cones!! I just bought one. I am also hosting a little giveaway where the winner will pick their own "LOVEly" - 3 of the prize options are from your shop...

    Check it out:


  6. Your self portraits are cool! I'm doing the 365 days (you can see them at www.coleybelle365.wordpress.com if you want) as well but not self portraits - just things/people in my life. Maybe I should do all self portraits next year....


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