Monday, January 5, 2009

Tooth Fairy Reporting For Duty

Yesterday my 6 year old lost her first tooth. It was quite funny how excited she was. She did the whole "bite an apple" routine & out it came! She wouldn't let that tooth leave her side after that. She carried it around in a plastic baggie everywhere she went. She & her sister even took turns polishing it up with the toothbrush. And then they played hide-n-seek with it. Weird. (Ok, I admit, I played along.)

Last night I had my second starring role as the tooth fairy. (Yes, my 4 year old lost her two front teeth about a year & a half ago after an accident.) I don't think my girls believe in The Tooth Fairy. They already know that Santa isn't real, & the Easter Bunny too. I just want some little kid magic to be left. I'm milkin' this tooth fairy thing. It's all I've got left. They WILL believe! THEY WILL!!!!
She put her wee toothie in THIS BOX, which I made a couple years ago with my MOPS group.
I'm sure there are lots of excellent books around about the tooth fairy, but the best one I've read is called The Real Tooth Fairy by Marilyn Kaye. It explains who the real tooth fairy is in such an unexpected & super cool way---so that even my little unbelievers will convert.

The fairy feeling didn't wane when I awoke this morning. After my newly un-toothed kidlet went off to school, my 4 year old & I enjoyed some fairy toast. I think fairy toast can be made many ways, but this is the way I make it: butter up some toast, scatter some rainbow sprinkles all over & broil it for a couple minutes.

I made these fairy wings about 3 1/2 years ago. They're pretty ratty looking now, but these wings are the girls' favorite dress-up accessory! They are pretty easy to make & I found a video tutorial that followed the same basic steps I did. The only difference is that I made mine smaller--with only 2 wings. And, I decorated mine with trailing ribbon & faux flowers. Click HERE for the video tute from Threadbangers.
I'm pretty sure this is improper fairy etiquette. But I won't tell if you won't...


  1. Hmmm, Fairy Toast - never heard of it, but I will have to try it with my son . . . but maybe we'll call it Circus Toast since he's a boy and doesn't do fairy play. Great idea, thanks!

  2. How cute!! This whole post is just super adorable- you definitely had way more fun with the whole fairy thing than I did... I'm inspired.:)

  3. Totally going to show my lack of kitchen skills now .... what does "broil" mean?
    Cute wings.

  4. i love make believe...even if it is us who is making them believe :)

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