Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crafty Bits

I've been working on screeprinting my cupcake design onto fabric for a pillow & this was my first attempt. I don't like it. It's too busy with the patterned fabric. I also don't like that little "cupcake nipple" at the top. Do you see it? When I sew it next time I'll adjust that. SO, I'm thinking for round two I'll try the design on some plain felt & use a coordinating vintage print for the backside. Here's two that I'm working on now:
I'm LOVING this vintage print. It has bright pink, light pink, orange & tan bubbles all over it---perfect to go with this tan felt piece!!

BUT, I did do something right: I attached a fabric tag, complete with my shop name to the wee pillow. It's kinda big, but I like it. I also discovered they make pretty cute oversized pincushions!

And look at this book I thrifted last week! (From 1958.) It's pink! And it's awaiting its destiny as a piece of book art. The title is a bit gloomy though. But I think all the pink makes up for that.
Look what keeps teasing me these last few days:
The sunshine! Where have you been all my gloomy, gloomy winter days?! It keeps hiding behind clouds, peeking out at random moments in my day. Please stay! Oh, please. I am so anxious for spring & crafting OUTDOORS!!


  1. There is just something funny about a book called "Kill My Love" could have such cheerful lovely colors!

  2. Well I think something I have learned is that all people have different taste. Some of the things I have sold on etsy are the things that I thought werent my greatest but they sold before the ones I really liked, so you never know. I personally like the cupcake on the solid fabric better. But that is MY opinion. :0)

  3. A pink book with a mean title..can't wait to see what becomes of your project with this book. Beautiful beautiful sunshine.


  4. Oh, how I need sunshine. Vitamin D! Seratonin! Please come back to Alabama too!

    I love cupcakes(preferably without nipples),and I love pillows! Genius!! ^__^

  5. Nikki ~ I like the cupcake, I agree it seems to look better on the solid fabric. That book is crackin' me up, what's your plan for it? You just had to show all that yummy sunshine didn't ya ~ we had two inches of fresh snow this morning, ugh! Forgot to tell you, we've gone through two pans of your lemon bars already ~ delish! We ate them with marionberry icecream, double mmmm! Have a great day deary ~ Happy Crafting!;)

  6. I love cupcake stuff, good luck with making the next one!

    I also love that picture of the clouds. :D

  7. love the whiMSy tag, but what happened to the capital MS? i love that part of your name.

  8. "Anonymous"--whenever I have my shop name squished in with the "" I just use the lowercase. Otherwise it's: WhiMSy love.

  9. I can't wait to see that pink book made pretty.

  10. I LOVE your cupcake design! I think my favorite is the plain with the vintage fabric behind!! So CUTE! Definitely think those will sell Big Time!

  11. Hey Nikki,

    I love your tag logos.. I have been thinking about making some, but I'm unsure how to go about it...

    I def. agree that the plain fabric works better for the cupcakes.


    Sylvia C.

  12. Okay, I'm not afraid to ask a stupid question ~ I've always wondered what that capital MS was for....

  13. Love the felt on front/fabric on back combos- very fun!!

    The tags are cute. WhiMSy Love has arrived. :)

  14. I love to paint outside while the kids play! I set myself up on the back porch and it' just heaven! It's awhile away here in dreary PA.

  15. seriosuly you are too crafty gorgeous, your head must never stop with ideas, I love the pillow, I think the tan one is going to be awesome I can not wait to see it, I love the tags you have done a great job.
    I have left a special treat for you on my cupcake blog, go see xxx

  16. I love the cupcake pillows so much ... my sofa needs one! Actually, I think both fabrics look great.
    We're having some sunshine today in my little part of England - I am so starving hungry for it now!! Sometimes you don't realize just how bad you've missed it until it comes back again. But think it's still too early for it to be here to stay. boo hoo.
    I wish I could paint and craft with my little one around - he's 3 and a whirlwind of destruction! Got any crafty tips for little boys? Love ya.


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