Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dandy Dandee.

This morning I had the EXTREMELY happy occasion of meeting up with Danyelle of Dandee . We talked "shop" & giggled & had a relaxing time at my favorite coffee shop in town. It was very refreshing, & even inspirational, to just talk with someone who "gets" you & "gets" what it is you are passionate about.I could've hung out with Danyelle, & her adorable wee one Audrey, all morning. I can't wait to get together with them again. Soon! Check out Danyelle's blog post about our morning date.Be sure to visit Danyelle's lovely blog & visit her sweet Etsy shop. (Her spring-in-a-can is a most genius creation!)


  1. We had such a lovely time too. Can't wait for the next meet up!

    [and you're right...my eyes do look funky in that picture :)]

  2. No darling Danyelle, you look LOVELY in this photo. This is not the photo I was referring to. Just wait....I'll send you our "not-so-sassy" photo...

  3. I saw the post at dandee and have to say that I am in love with your etsy shop and blog. The owls are fantastic.

  4. I am just a little bit jealous...equally of both of you that you got to hang with each other! I just met and hung out with a fabulous mommy photographer and was truly inspired too! I completely knew what you meant. I came home and wanted to get creating and sewing again! Glad you had such a fun morning!

    I originally found you through Danyelle's blog!


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