Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. WhiMSy love!

Yesterday was Mr. WhiMSy love's birthday--(a.k.a. "Scott"). I admit that it sorta slipped my mind. So, last minute I invited our favorite family of friends over for din-din. I decided to make meatloaf. And the last time I made meatloaf I got the recipe from a library book & stupidly didn't photocopy it. So, I ran to the library to check out the book. But guess what? The book was already being borrowed by another patron of the library. Darn. So, I decided to just toss some ingredients together. I promise to post the recipe (so I'LL have it for future reference) when I get the book. I've mentioned it on my blog before. It uses interesting spices like cumin, cinnamon, allspice, garlic powder, chili powder & cayenne pepper, all in a homemade bbq sauce.

The onion cutting is never my favorite part. I always forget to freeze my onion before cutting so it won't be such trauma on the little eyeballs. And you're about to see what a major dork I am. Just remember that I'm not in my party attire yet. No makeup. Hair undone. I don't know why it's such a big deal that I don't like being photographed without makeup. This first picture in the next series of photos, which I like to call "Onion Drama" is actually real. The squinty stinging eyes from the spicy onion aroma.
These next photos however, are all drama...
I won't be surprised if I lose readers & fans at this point. HAHA!
Twenty minutes before our party guests arrived, I made this dorky banner. I spelled it that way on purpose. Just to be silly. I don't like to say "party". I like to say "partaaaaay".
This is how the meatloaf turned out. Despite the burny bottom of the pan, it tasted delicious! Tia said all meatloafs look this way. (What? UGLY!?) She also mentioned something about the "S" looking like a giant poo. What are friends for? haha!
Mr. WhiMSy love had a great party & a splendid day. Happy birthday babe!


  1. Oh, I needed that...Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. Well kudos to you that you made a meatloaf. It's an ongoing joke in our house that for some reason, I can't make a meatloaf to save my life. It doesn't matter what recipe I use, it never turns out right. It's awful. How do you screw it up?? I've had a meatloaf tutor even, no luck. Everyone told me to give it up- I suck at meatloaf.

  3. Ha, well it didn't look like that, until you mentioned it!

    Love the onion pics, too funny...

    Hope Mr. Whimsy had a geat birthday.

  4. Haha, fun post! The meat loaf looks delish. I love mine with lots of ketchup and mashed potatoes! :D

  5. Here's a trick to making meat loaf without the burning.. Lie the meat loaf on a few slices of bread, this will absorb the grease and just wrap the entire thing in some tin foil. If you want it crispy, just open the foil the last few minutes of cooking. :)

  6. I wear googles when I cut onions-seriously. That way those nasty fumes don't burn my eyes. LOL! Happy Bday Mr. W! Glad to hear your Dad's on his way home Mrs. W!

  7. LOL! Before I read the post I thought you were upset because the meatload looked a bit like...well you know. LOL! Now I see it was an "S" and those wondeful pictures were from the dramatic torture of cutting a onion. Been there, and I feel your pain. LOL! This gave me the laugh I needed. :-)

  8. Wow, I don't know you......but i just googled giant poo (Im doing a biochem project lol) and THIS is what came up lmao!!!!


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