Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Shipping Day!

Yesterday I shipped 5 pieces of Writing on the Wall book art to the Bellevue Arts Museum for sale in the museum shop!!! I am so excited! It's a big deal to me. I'm thinking I'll have to make a road trip for my birthday in April & totally invade the gift shop with my self portrait silliness.

My 4 year old snapped this shot of me in my art studio working on some book art. So messy. Sorry. If I would've known you were coming I would of straightened up a little. Or at least shoved the messed to the side.
Bye bye little bookies! Find happy homes!


  1. Wow! I LOVE that! And how exciting to have your art sold in a gift shop!

    I love your work. I recently bought my first home, and I've been trying to decide on my decorating style. Since coming upon your site recently, I have found that "whimsical" is my style.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. LOVE these!!! :) Congrats on getting a huge opportunity like that. I totally enjoy your blog and it's the first one I check daily!

  3. Congrats! Those dissected books are lovely!

  4. yeeeah, i'm the 200 adoring fans!! :D

    ps: i love your work ;)

  5. busy nik! another award for you at my place

  6. I love, love, love seeing you at work in your studio. I often wonder what other people's work spaces look like.

    Mine can get VERY messy when I am getting ready for a shop appointment.

    Happy Tuesday,

    Sylvia C.

  7. Congrats, so happy for you! Saw something like this on Country Living, but it was into a vase shape that sat on you table. This is way cooler!


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