Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kill My Love.

I love the colors of this book, the wacky title & the perfectly textured pages. I wanted to create something special with it. Four-hundred folds later I ended up with this organic "heart" shape...

I'm really pleased with the end result. Usually when I fold these books I have some sort of plan in mind. But this time I decided to let the book take me on a crafty journey. It was one of those projects where I took many twists & turns, becoming exhilarated, unsure, yet hopeful, even frustrated at times through each fold. I intended on heading in a certain direction & was led somewhere else.I took a household census & my 6 year old saw a "heart" right away. I asked my 4-year old, "What does it look like?" She said, "A book!" Mr. WhiMSy love said it looks like a radish & it does remind me of a fox head. Either way, I enjoyed the adventure.

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  1. Okay, how in the world do you do that? And how was that not planned? Inconceivable!

  2. i have been scrolling down your blog reading all about you and trying to think of exactly what to say in my comment....this is what i came up are delightful!!! i'm so glad i ran into you while blog hopping. i bookmarked you so expect some blog stalking going on.:D

  3. I saw heart right away- but then again,hearts are my thing. :)

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  5. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow...
    I just can't believe how beautiful it is... makes me wanna look for old book and try to make one.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. I love this. You are so skilled. I want to try this some day and see what I can make. Must hit a thrift store some time soon and see what I can find. :-)

  7. You're too cool, I love this!


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