Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Stuff!

You know those people that laugh at their own jokes? Well, that's me. And this new ring set may be an example of that. I have had this in my head forever & finally sat down to make them. I think they're hilarious! My 'DORK' & 'NERD' ring sets sold, so why not "HAWT DAWG" ya know? Find this latest creation in the shop.

And I have been a bizzy crafty chik this week. Mostly working on custom orders. I LOVE changin' up the pace & making something different. These tiny cupcakes await their tiny cherry toppings.
I even got a special request for some sponge cakes! It's their first time in the shop & I'm so happy! This photo is of 4 half-finished cakies.

And here's one of my crafty projects done 'the old fashioned way' because of my lack of computer graphic knowledge. I chose to doodle my own owlies & create magnets with my button machine for a customer who is having an owlie party. I think they turned out really cute! I think it's fun to have a tiny piece of original art this way!

In fact, I was so inspired (by myself--haha!) that I created some one-inch "love" buttons for the shop. They can be made into magnets or pins.

I have a busy Saturday ahead of finishing up custom orders & packaging up some of my 'Writing on the Wall' book art for delivery to the Bellevue Art Museum!! I'm so excited!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Aw! Love the little owl magnets. Wonderful! :o)

  2. I'm giggling right now cause when I saw the HAWT DAWG rings, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song instantly began ran through my head...oh how having a toddler invades all parts of your life!

  3. Your crafts are adorable. Those sponge cupcakes would be perfect for my girls to play with their dolls.

  4. I want some of those tiny cupcakes! The ring is hella cool too, I might just have to throw a custom order your way :)

  5. cutest cupcakes & sponge cakes ever and i am completely digging on the magnets! your new additions are inspiring and i think its gonna be a great day! i'm off to check out your shop...have a fabulous saturday =0)

  6. I've been meaning to tell you for a long time now, you should check out the artist Brian Dettmer- he does book sculptures that are AMAZING! Here is a link:

  7. I love your love pin. Very simple but yet likeable. Intreting crafts...the owls I like too.
    I enjoyed your blog very much. will follow.

  8. Nikki, the magnets/pins- too cute! Love 'em! The rings are pretty cool too!

  9. look at all these nice ideas! I love the sponge cakes!

  10. These are all so cool (and diverse!) -- great photo for the Hawt Dawg!


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