Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not a Fan of the Football.

I really, really dislike football. Hate it in fact. And the Superbowl? Not my thing. But the ads are fun. And I just stumbled upon a site by accident where I could watch the Superbowl ads back-to-back. So I did. I think my favorites were the Coca-Cola "Picnic" ad & the NFL "Super Ad". I thought the Cash-4-Gold ad with Ed McMahon & MC Hammer was kinda funny. I even snuck a pair of my girl's Barbie 3-D glasses to watch the Aliens vs. Monsters commercial. All while eating Lucky Charms. How lame am I?


  1. you rock; football does suck; and the commercials are awesome ;) i think that does sum it up!

  2. hi, it was a long time i wished to write..i pur your blog into my faves, so also italinas can appreciate your crafs...i like this blog, lighty and funny! greetings from italy!!

  3. Don't worry - I did the same thing! Ok, minus the glasses and lucky charms, and I was weaving a pair of earrings at the time, but you get the picture :P I would have been much happier with the lucky charms!

  4. yum...lucky charms! I actually just bought some for my kids {bribery at Target that worked} and my stomach is growling. I think you just decided what my breakfast is going to be this morning! Thanks.


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