Friday, February 13, 2009


This is my new ride. The blueberry beast. It's a gas hog. And it's loud. And BIG. And I LOVE driving it! My minivan (a.k.a. the "mommy missile") is in the shop. It needs a new transmission. Poo.
I totally forgot to include this photo in my last 'Cupcake Post'. My girls & I went to McDonald's for lunch last week & while I was happily ordering happy meals I had the girls find some seats for us. They yelled, "Mommy! Let's sit in these chairs that look like cupcakes!!"

Now that the One World One Heart giveaway has come to an end, I've announced my winner. If I don't hear from Carolyn of Carolyn's Creations & Paper Crafts by Sunday then I will pick a new winner! (I know there are many of you re-crossing your fingers right now.)
And not to brag or anything, but I won this & this & this & this & this card & this & this & this & this. Oh, & the first pic in this giveaway. All day yesterday & today I was doing crazy hyper sweepstakes-style jumping & squealing! I can't wait for my sweet packages & goodies to arrive!! I LOVE getting happy mail!

Guess who's almost at 500 sales?? Why me, silly! I'm SO excited! I'm hoping to get there by my 2 year Etsy Anniversary---which is technically Feb 28th, but last year I celebrated at the end of March 'cause that's when I first stocked the shop with handmade goodies. (500th sale gets extra goodies too!)
Look at this sweeeeet mushroom fabric I got yesterday while out on a mini thrifty run at my favorite antique spot. Such a happy little print!

I was up last night finishing the owlie Valentines for my daughter's Kindergarten class. She actually made them all. I just stuffed the lollipops in the wings. They turned out cute! She's very proud of them.
We even put together some hearty goodies for her teacher--using the shrinky dink keychain idea from Lost Button Studio...
...& this cute little wrapping job from Zakka Life. (All the Valentine projects found via The Crafty Crow.)
Hope you're gearing up for a lovely Valentine weekend!


  1. Congratulations on being so close to 500 sales!

  2. what a funky vehicle! Have fun! And congrats on all your prizes!

  3. The truck is gorgeous! Have a great Valentine's Day!

  4. I just adore your's happy, shiny, sparkly cupcake delicious! Now that I have some breathing space I can go back and go over the blogs and swoon.
    Your folded books are amazing!!! And may I say you are the tutorial queen!
    That's what I love about starting OWOH, all the wonderful and talented people yet to meet!!!
    So nice to meet you - I'll be back again. (I am going to add you to my sidebar)
    Lisa Swifka

  5. Oh my goodness Nikki! I CAN'T believe all the prizes you won. I came over to give you trouble b/c I saw you were Joy to the blog's winner and look at you. You hit the jack pot this year!
    Good for you. What are the odds I would fill out 400 and not win one. hmmm. Hehe! I've favorited your etsy shop too. So far this event has been great. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my site for the One World one Heart giveaway. Because I wanted to be able to give everyone a giveaway gift I've discounted all of my Etsy shop items by 20% until March 1st.
    I'll be back to say hello!
    Your new blog buddy
    Angela Harris

  6. To Fun.. I just love your blog. I am doing a giveaway as well it's my first. You are more then welcome to come by

  7. All fun news.

    Happy Valentine's Day- enjoy your weekend!

    We are heading to an Art museum this morning.

  8. you won LOTS of goodies!!!!!! go you!

  9. you won TEN giveaways??? WAHOO!!!

  10. Congrats on your winnings! Cupcake stools, Your daughter's rock!

  11. Nikki, Happy Blogger Day, as I mentioned before in my comment, I dearly LOVE your blog, read it every single day, never comment to any other blog I read. You are such a talented person and I bet a great mom. Have a great day, hope your Dad is doing better, take care.


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