Monday, February 23, 2009

Week in Review: Feb 16-22

Random week full of celebration! The happiest event of the week? Dad came home!! Mr. WhiMSy love also turned a year older. The hubby & I tag-teamed this weekend as the girls attended different birthday parties. Happy packages are arriving daily at the WhiMSy house as a result of my One World One Heart lottery of winnings!
Click on the pic for more info on each photo.


  1. Yay to no more cancer!!!! I'm so glad he came home. Thanks for sharing bits of your journey with us!

    And I'm loving that you made your meatloaf an "s" and that you made the jar of cookie mix...and then ate it! LOL!

  2. Hey - your daddy looks great! Tell him I have a big old Texas crush on him - he's adorable!

    Love your label thingy. Sassy.


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