Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I totally love what my bloggy pal Beki did over at Pampering Beki, & so I'm copying. Do you wanna know how people find my blog?? Here's some google searches people have done...& ended up here. (Their search phrases are in italics.)

sexy vacuuming
haha! Yes. I am here. And I am vacuuming. Click here, this is what they found.

my bunion
Don't have one. Don't want one.

white chocolate gunmouth
what? just weird.

a mannequin head with pipe cleaner hair
I'd LOVE to see this! Wouldn't you??

accidentally ate cupcake liner
Those musta been some AWESOME cupcakes.

doing silly fun things in love
Awww, & they ended up here...

whimsy shrinky
I guess you should hang me on the line to dry. No high heat.

example of a short whimsy
If 5'8" is short, than so be it.

funny photo of person with crutches
I didn't think it was THAT funny. Click here for my crutch pic.

hot crutches
That's more like it. haha!

i love crutches
ok, I'm creeped out. Still.

how to make an accordion envelope out of a lawn bag
Hmm. Interesting. Click here for MY accordion envelopes.

love niks
I love you too!

love tooth
Is that like a sweet tooth?

mary poppins chalk drawings
I did do chalk drawings. But Mary Poppins was never in the picture.

mini crutches figurine
Ok, look---this is getting out of hand.

how do i create a jar of whimsey
Well, if you really want to know the recipe, here it is: add lots of giggles, oodles of silliness, loads of smiles, plenty of happy thoughts, & a sprinkle of dorkiness.

owlie workout plan
Is this like owlie bootcamp?

monkey pics with rudolph costume
Poor, poor monkey.

other ways to break a pinata
Oh my gosh. I never even thought of this. Now I'm gonna be thinking about this all the time.

whimsy my love
Yes, my darling?

shrinky dink too long
scissors might help.

why is my spongecake dry?
Maybe because you used REAL sponges??? Just a guess...

Oh, & today is my dad's birthday. He is always good for a laugh, so I thought this was the perfect post. Happy birthday Dad! Come home soon!

P.S. The random photo at the top is what my daughter's were doing outside yesterday. Flying in cardboard boxes.


  1. Sexy vaccuming! I wish I felt sext while vaccuming! ha

  2. OMG (she said wiping the tears from her eyes). this post had me laughing so hard - my daughters all came running to see what was so funny. My 11 and 14yo's had to agree- it WAS funny.

  3. This is totally hilarious! Come to think of it I haven't checked my Blog Patrol lately, but once someone googled "Dog Sits on Notebook" and they found this:

    P.S. I wasn't aware so many freaks were into crutches!

  4. HAHAHA! Looking at my google analytics for my Etsy shop is like that too! I may have to make a post like this now. :)

  5. LOL! That is hilarious! I love seeing what brings my blog up. I get a bunch of people looking for advertising "jingles" and at Christmas I got all kinds of random stuff! LOL!

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad! Sending him well wishes!!!

  7. SOOOO funny!! And I love the picture, to be young again and take time to fly in a box!

  8. This is to cute! What a fab post.


  9. That is so cool! Think I will have to check into it as well! How fun!

  10. Didn't know there's such thing as a crutches fetish LOL. Sexy vacuuming FTW!!

  11. a mannequin head with pipe cleaner hair
    I'd LOVE to see this! Wouldn't you??

    Thought the bunion was funny until I saw this are killing me! Thanks for the laugh :) Happy Birthday to your Dad......

  12. LMAO Thank you for the morning giggles!

  13. You crack me up! My weird one is forty something in stockings. Creeeepy! The stockings in question happened to be Christmas stockings, by the way.
    I get a lot of hits for mentioning a certain football player's name too--the one who went to jail for dogfighting. Whatever! I was talking about my son's cleats!

  14. hee hee I really enjoyed this, and enjoyed visiting your site. Thanks for jumping on the Gypsy Caravan!


  15. I have to go over to Beki's site and check out how to do this! BTW, I found you about 1 1/2 years ago by googling "shrinky dink rings", not as funny as the rest :)


  16. I keep meaning to do this too!

    White chocolate gunmouth?

    I'm *really* hoping that's one of those intelligent search issues where they meant to type white chocolate ganache, and ended up with gun-nache.

    I'm really hoping. 'Cause otherwise? Very weird.


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