Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cleaning: Day 2

This morning was my monthly MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) meeting. We had our once-a-year Spa Day. I got a massage, which felt BEYOND gooooooood. Also available to the moms this morning were: hair cutters, a chiropractor, a nail station, hand waxing, cosmetology, reflexology & yummy foods! We also had our first annual photo contest. (Remember those badges I made last week?) I even won one of the categories! YAY!
Because of my fun-filled morning I admit it's now about 4pm & I haven't even STARTED cleaning my living room/family room/dining room. But, I promise I'll get to it. Weirdly as it sounds, I often like cleaning in the evenings. It's usually a time when the fam is chillin' & I can get a lot done. And look at my girls messy art center in the picture below. (I'll get an "after" shot for ya tomorrow!) It's waiting for me upstairs right now.Also in the clean-up line-up: the game cupboard, the coat closet, some vacuuming & dusting. Not a heavy load. But I confess: I'm not even DONE with the kitchen from yesterday!! It looks so fabulous though. I love it! I still have to clean the junk out of the junk drawer (haha!), straighten up the "Tupperware" cupboard & clean the oven. I've got a lot on my plate so late in the day.
Oh, while beginning my fling with Spring Cleaning yesterday, I noticed all the Mr. Yuk stickers on my cleaning bottles. I LOVE Mr. Yuk! I remember him as a kid & I think it's SUCH a great poison control program. Even though I keep my cleaning supplies up & away in high cupboards, my girls know all about Mr. Yuk. It's a good idea to teach kids about poison prevention. To receive a FREE sheet of Mr. Yuk stickers, send a self-addressed business sized envelope to:
Mr. Yuk Pittsburgh Poison Center
200 Lothrop Street
BIR 010701
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Happy Cleaning! Tomorrow's cleaning plan: my kid's rooms!


  1. The picture of the pile of stuff looks a lot like every horizontal surface of my home! Don't worry you have lots of time for spring cleaning!

  2. My kids are deathly afraid of Mr Yuck because there is a YouTube video I showed them once of him from the 1970's. It is hilarious but really scary. The sticker is on one of our phone that we never use and they think that phone is the direct line to Mr Yuck. So sometimes when they are playing with things that are dangerous, I ask them if I need to call him... They always stop.

  3. I wish I'd joined MOPS when Zack was younger but was a bit intimidated and shy about it.

    I love seeing other people's creative spaces, be they over-full bins or what have you! Makes me want to come over and poke around.

  4. I love the idea of the photo contest! I want to do one at our mtgs. Can you tell me any more about it? Or send me some more pics of how you displayed it or something?!? It's super cute!

  5. I too love seeing other crafter's little corners. Your daughers' looks well used, which is always a good thing. It makes me think of my mess of a craft room I NEED to hit but I am so sluggish and unmotivated due to weather changes here. Maybe I should pull a "Whimsy" and work on it some tonight. I'll try it out and see it works as well for me. :-) Oh, I was surfing the web today and found these earrings and thought of you instantly and had to share them with you. http://www.modcloth.com/store/Womens/Accessories/Earrings+and+Rings/Owl+Parliament+Earrings Handmade owlie earrings, what's not to love. ;-)

  6. Came across your blog through "blog hopping" and how grateful I did! What fun!! I wanted to you to know I made your lemon bars and they turned out great!! I had never found a recipe that was that easy! I posted it on my recipe blog, one I keep mainly for my family and sisters to save all our great recipes on, giving you full credit for the recipe and pictures! I was just so excited and my dear hubby loved them! So thank you for sharing ! You are on crafty and talentd lady! I'll be back to visit if that's ok? Have a great night!

  7. Can I borrow some of your energy, please?

  8. I thought mr yuck was cute when I was a kid. I'll have to look for the 70's Mr Yuck on You Tube. ;-)

  9. I didn't know Mr Yuk was from Pittsburgh, I'm from Pittsburgh! See, had to read your blog to learn that!

  10. I grew up in Pittsburgh and vividly remember Mr Yuk! Thanks for the address, I just sent in my envelope for my own. I've tried to explain him to my girls but they just don't get it maybe now they will :) Love your blog so many cute and crafty things going on in your house!


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