Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning: Day 4

Today I received the happiest mail EVERS!!!! It was a very sweet card. (I hope Meredith doesn't mind that I'm sharing her very special card!) My heart seriously melted & I was on top of the world for the rest of the day!!!! Meredith & her mom are blog fans----thank you so much Meredith!!! This card will hang up with all my other favorite cupcake stuff!

It's a good thing I had that happy mail. I needed some extra oomph to get through the mess in my 4 year old's bedroom! But I did it & both girls LOVE their "new" rooms. They are super hyper about it.

After taking this "after" shot of Pazely's room, she got hold of my camera & took 44 pictures of her bedroom----including 4 attempts at a self portrait & 8 photos of a little puppy figurine she got from a Red Rose tea box. Hilarious! She also let me know that when I was all done with everything (all the cleaning) that she owes me "50 dolluz". (Sometimes she randomly talks with a Brooklyn accent.)
I broke up the monotony of cleaning with a trip to a coffee shop with my 6 year old. We ate sugared sweets & sketched. The group of people in the background were sitting in the cushy chairs. I always get so annoyed when I walk into a coffee shop & the cushy chairs are all taken. I don't know why---they have a right to sit there too. Haha!

Then Mr. WhiMSy love joined us & Zoey kept trying to steal sips of our coffee. She'd try averting our attention by pointing in a random direction & saying, "Oh my gosh! It's Jack & the Beanstalk!" haha!

Oh, & in case you're wondering, the ice cream bribe yesterday worked MARVELOUSLY. Why would I even doubt it? And, no cavities! YAY!

Tomorrow I tackle the bathrooms!! Ew.


  1. You are so commited. I usually lose my oomph before I am finished with everything! Good for you! Sweet Card too! :0)

  2. I just saw your post, but Meredith is in bed - central time zone you know!! I will be sure to show her tomorrow and I KNOW she won't mind a bit you put it on your blog! It will make her smile all weekend. Also, we made the wooden hangers for her's b-day this week - LOVE the idea...thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on getting through those rooms. You have to tell us your secret to that go get'em tude you got there. I need it badly. And congrats on no cavities to the girls. Sounds like in whole you had a nice and productive day. :-)

  4. The rooms look great. I had a good laugh about the photos. My six year old took 155 pics on our road trip home from Oregon to California (about 600 miles). I have pictures of the movie on her DVD player, some great pictures of feet and a few random ones I still can't make out! They are some of my favorites!

  5. Your pics just brighten up my day so much - thank you hun.
    Keep creating.

  6. You are on a roll! What a difference in the girls rooms ! My girls always act like they have new stuff after i clean , but really it's just stuff that 's been under a pile for who knows how long, lol. :)

  7. Oh, I forgot to write... my 14yo busts out with a British accent when she is defensive... ie: when I am asking her about her texting. We joke about it all the time- but it 's so weird- and a dead giveaway to her "mum" that something is


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