Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faux Adirondack

Me wants.
I was out window shopping yesterday & I found these sturdy plastic adirondack chairs at Big Lots. Only $19 each!! Just looking at them makes me so excited to get my yard all cute. I never made much of a dent last year with all the marvelou$ idea$ & plan$ I had. We have no seating in our backyard, so these would be PERFECT! I think I'd only pick two though. Yellow for sure. And either pink or blue.
P.S. Ok, I changed my mind. I want all 4.


  1. Oh, I am loving all four. How could you stand to pick just two?

    Window shopping sounds fun...
    Have a good one!


    Sylvia C.

  2. OMG I love those so spring like and Whimsy

  3. Okay three things:
    1. Love Big Lots
    2. Love those chairs
    3. Love the price

    I need to head over and see what big lots has. They always have such cute summer stuff for the garden.

  4. Green and Blue! Yay!

    I need to whimsify my yard.

  5. We have some of those in boring tan, but they are SOOOO comfortable! You will love them!

  6. I love those colors! We just have blah dark green ones.

  7. Oh how can your choose? I love them all. Of course I support pink, but all of them would make for a pretty site in your back yard. And that price is very nice too. Make for great chairs to relax and craft in while you enjoy being one with nature. :-)

  8. Those are the cutest things ever!!! Man, I need to find a place where I can use those...

  9. Very nice and summery.

    Oh, I blogged about you here:


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