Friday, March 13, 2009


There's nothin' like a big, blank canvas.
We had the sun blasting through the windows, so it wasn't the most favorable photo-taking setting. I made it work though. The girls had tons of fun! In fact, today we're doing it again!

Pazely practices spelling her name.
I love this little IKEA apron I thrifted!
Zoey really got into it---she eventually pushed all the chairs out of the way so she could stand & do her work.


  1. You inspire me to do more crafts with my kiddos...not just doing them after they go to bed.


  2. I LOVEEEE finger painting!! What a bright and fun day you girls had! I like the apron too. :)

  3. Awesome. You have some future artists in your house! I actually like to stand with my canvas flat on the table when I paint too. So did my painting professor at Eastern!

  4. Finger painting is a very freeing thing! I like the idea of putting the long paper around the table like that. It gives a lot of room to work. BTW, your song was stuck in my head last night! I really love it! Happy Friday!

  5. I love finger painting but have had a hard time finding paints around here. Any suggestions?? Most of the ones for the wee ones are pretty watered down, but Kylie is 4 now, so she can handle some "grown-up" ones!

    ALSO...thanks for the Molasses Cookie Recipe! LOVE IT!!! It seriously has to be my most favorite recipe for these cookies ever!


  6. The only thing better than creating is creating with kids! Loved finger painting with my kids when they were younger. Now they love to get into the clay I create with!
    Have a fabulous weekend.


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