Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday the 6 year old got into a gum accident. She doesn't look too impressed with me taking pictures, does she? What's her problem? She should be used to this sorta stuff by now.

I remember my mom using peanut butter when I got gum stuck in my hair. That works great by the way!
Anyway, hope you're having a great weekend!
The hubby & I had a nice time alone for our 10 year anniversary. I'll fill you in on our fun later.
I'm off to take the "gummed one" to a 'Victorian Tea' birthday party. (I wanna go!!!)
Oh, & I'm so excited because I sold my first pinwheel picks of the season VERY quickly after listing them. (To a customer in a Korea!) A sweet mix-n-match pastel spring mix of pinwheels. More will be listed this afternoon!


  1. lol. this is too funny- I just blogged about my little ones gum incident-

    nothing but scissors worked. ;(

  2. Good job on your sale! Olive oil works great in removing sticky messes and even stuck on price tags as well.
    Have fun at your party :)

  3. oh. my. goodness. I used to get gum stuck in my hair ALL THE TIME!!! My mom would get SO mad! (she also used peanut butter!!!)


  4. That doesn't look like much fun. :(

  5. my first reaction: guhh..that would be me breathing in quickly and making a squeek. glad things turned out a. o.k.

  6. gum everywhere = no fun.

    selling your first pinwheel set = congrats!

    night with hubby = do we really want the details?!....ummmm, yeah!

    btw, I cut gum out of 11 yr old's hair on Thursday after 6 yr old brother spit it out while laughing. got to love that they were playing and getting along with each other!

  7. Gum! I sat in gum today at a basketball game. :P

  8. Man! My mom always chopped my hair off when I got gum in it! Geesh. I knew there was a less traumatizing solution.

    Happy Anniversary!


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