Monday, March 16, 2009

I Crown Thee Couch Cushion Cootie Queen.

The winner of the Couch Cushion Cooties Contest is.....

Thanks to everyone who played along! You were very brave to reveal your secret couch crumbs. I had some laughs! Thank you.

Sophie gets to choose her own custom cupcake plushie pillow colors, made with felt & vintage fabric.

AAAANNNND..... if you are so supremely bummed that you didn't win, have no fear my cupcake-less ones. Hop on over to the shop where YOU can choose YOUR OWN custom cupcake pillow! You will notice that the design has slightly changed. I wanted it to be a reversible pillow with a nice shape. I'm all about multi-purpose. (Psst. Mention the 'Cooties Contest' when checking out & I'll give you 15 percent off each pillow! This week only! Blog readers only! Wheeeee! Dontcha feel special?!)


  1. Congrats to the winner! I want to order the pink with the daisy print! Very cute!

  2. Congrats Sophie on your ultimately cute win! :-)

  3. Wowww... I WON!!!!! That is awesome!!!


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