Friday, April 3, 2009

My Birthday Wish List

I've always loved birthdays. And I've always been unashamedly vocal that I ESPECIALLY love MY birthday. I'm not humble about the fact that I love presents & making a big deal about MY special day. (April 7th, in case you're wondering.) In fact, I often try to stretch my birthDAY into a birthWEEK if at all possible. birthMONTH? I'm workin' on it.
As a kid, when my birthday was comin' around, my mom would ask me to make a wish list of all the toys & goodies that I dreamed of having. I still sometimes make one for fun. And I send it to my mom. I always include extravagant items that I know I'd never get, or items that don't even exist, just to make her laugh. So, here's this year's wish list--all items that DO exist with links attached. You know, for easier gift shopping & all. (haha!)
These are just a few of my favorite things...
* A cuckoo clock. I've seriously wanted one for a couple years. I need one with AT LEAST a little birdie that comes out & cuckoos. Although, if you really love me, you'll get me one with the dancing couples that twirl & spin & that has those dangly pinecone thingies.

* A new digital camera. This picture is of my little point-n-shoot Kodak EasyShare camera. Yep, that's what I use to take my photos. I just want some more macro. (I love me some macro!)
* I LOVE my 1" button machine, but it needs a friend. Here's a 2 1/4" button machine for making pocket mirrors! Yee-Haw!!

* A shopping spree to my favorite antique/thrifty/vintage spots. Shopping sprees ALWAYS make great gifts. One year I was taken garage sale hopping for my birthday & it was sooooo much fun!

* This T-Shirt. Found HERE. (I saw it on your blog gina! LOVE it!!)

* This ADORABLE stamp found at Letter girl. All my outgoing mail & packages need cuteness like this.

* An electric pencil sharpener. (I know. Weird, right? As a kid I always wanted one & never had one. It's the little things, ya know?) OK, so this Hello Kitty one is 100 bucks. A little pricey. But I'm worth it, right? Otherwise, I suppose I could settle for this 13 dollar battery operated one.

* Click on photo mosaic to find out more about each item.
If I could plan my perfect day, it would go something like this: Sleep in. (NOT a morning person.) Taking a soothing bath. (I heart baths.) A visit to a cozy coffee house with friends & fam. A spontaneous road trip spent searching out little antique/thrift/vintage shops. A stop at a cupcake shop. (For some refueling.) Some crafting. (A day without crafts is a bleak & miserable one.) Some kite flying. (Not that I fly kites very often at all, but I think it sounds fun!) A bite to eat for lunch at some random, yet delicious, cafe/sandwich shop. Photo booth fun. See a play or musical. A homemade dinner with family & friends. (Grilled salmon, coleslaw, baked potatoes, & asparagus. Jello brand cheesecake for dessert.) Roasting s'mores. (My fave. I love the smell of my clothes after sitting in front of a wood fire!) Out for a movie. (Or renting a movie or 2.) A late-night soak in the tub, with bubbles & candles. (Like I said, 'I heart baths.') And then I'd plop my sleepy happy birthday head on my fluffy pillow & dream about my next birthday...


  1. My grandparents had lots of clocks. I would always sleep in the living room and all night I would listen to the sounds of the clocks. I loved it!! :0) Also, in the mosaic, what is that bag in the middle? It looks cute!

  2. You are SO young at heart. It's undeniable!

  3. i totally agree nik! my birthday was last thursday (26th) and i managed to stretch it out for 4 days! i like the day to be special too, especially as mums, we spend most of our time making OTHER people feel special!!!

    happy birthday for the 7th!!!

  4. A Coocoo Clock is a necessity in our house. The cats love it.

    That address stamp is sooo freaking adorable.

    Happy Early Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Month! I have a cuckcoo clock. It was a wedding gift. It sat unopened for five years, the I realized that it was pretty cool and it's hanging in our guest room. Guess you'll have to come for a visit!

  6. If only you had posted this earlier I could have sent you one your of your birthday wishes, but as it is, there's just not enough time to get something from the UK to the USA in time :o(

  7. Happy Birthday Week! My little one turns six today, so I think it's a nice week for birthdays :-)

    And I am so with you on making a big deal. What's with those people who prefer not to tell anyone it's their special day? I'll never understand that. Bring on the wish list and pampering, I say! :-)

    That's May 22 for me, by the way ;-)

  8. I just had my 40th birthday on the 29th and wore a crown all weekend (you can see it at my blog) -- I really think you should make yourself a crown, too, and proclaim yourself Queen!

    Hope you get all you want!!! And cake. Lots of cake.

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! I even come bearing goodies today, what good timing.
    I have given you an Proximidade Award and you can come to my blog to pick it up!!

  10. That is the best birthday wish I believe I have ever heard. Here's an early Happy B Day in case I forget because trusut me I am really good at that. :)

  11. Hope all your birthday wishes will come true! Happy birthday.

  12. I hope that you get everything on your Birthday Wish List. It's a good one!! I've had a cuckoo clock on my Christmas list for years!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  13. What fun! I got Brielle's at Delia's too. :) We shop there a LOT. I always wanted an electric sharpener too- I love writing with pencils- the sharper the better. And NOW I want one of those address stamps too... just have to wait until I have a new address. ;) Happy BirthWEEK. :)

    ps. I can't believe you take your photos with aneasyshare! I am SO impressed with what you get with it!!

  14. Does the birthday extend before the actually birthday or just after? If your birthday is in the middle then I can wish you Happy Birthday week! I love the clock-I hope you get one!

  15. That tshirt is the cutest thing ever! Great find Nikki (and Gina!) :)

  16. Happy ALMOST Birthday!♥♥♥

    I want a cockoo clock too, and an adorable stamp!

  17. Happy Birthday- my birthday is also on the 7th April- hope we both have a great day!

  18. I so want a cuckoo clock too! I saw one on our recent girls trip shopping and uh, yeah, out of my price range!

  19. Great list, I thought I was the only one who always wanted an electric pencil sharpener! I have a little battery operated one in the meantime and the kids love it.


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