Saturday, March 21, 2009


My girls never get to wear their rain boots 'cause it doesn't rain much around these parts. So, today, we took advantage of the damp weather & had some fun! And I got to thinkin': I want some rainboots!!

Anyway, I don't know anything about growing stuff. The only plants I have living in my house are 3 little African violets I've had for a few years. Really, it's a miracle they're alive. In fact, the hubby gave me a calla lily plant this Valentines Day. It's dying a slow death. So, the girls & I planted some sunflower seeds outside today. (Too early?) I have no idea if they will survive or not. I think we'll do an experiment & start some seeds in little pots INside too. (To see which die first. haha!) Not really.
We just really want Spring to show its face!


  1. I went to the farm and ranch store today with my kids and bought seeds. We chose carrots, bush beans, peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some wild flowers. I haven't grown a garden in 13 years so we will see what happens.... Cute Boots!! :0)

  2. I have kept a Ficus alive in my house since October and it is actually doing great! A total first for me. Wheatgrass is fun to grow with kids too- grows up to 7" tall in just a week.

  3. I'm with you on both counts - wanting my own rain boots, and being a lousy gardener :-)

  4. I have a hard time keeping houseplants alive, but in the vegetable garden and flowerbeds always look great! Good luck with the sunflowers...our ground is still partly frozen up here!! Finally brought myself to follow's the only way that I can really keep up with all the blogs I adore!

  5. We just planted a garden as well!!! We bought them as little plants though...maybe I can keep them alive. We planted tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries!!! In about 72 days we should have veggies and a fruit!!!

  6. You call them rain-boots? We call them "wellies"
    I have one indoor plant that I have had for about 10 years. It's so cool because it lets me know when it needs a drink because the leaves all droop and then within hours of watering it, it perks back up again. Plus it only flowers when it thinks it's in danger of dying. Mine has a lot of flowers!


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