Monday, March 16, 2009

Week in Review: March 9-15

This was quite a happy & productive week! Lots-o-cleaning got done. And though I pooped out after last week, I still got sooooo much done upstairs! Oh how it sparkles & gleams! I'll tackle the downstairs some other week. I'm also teaching myself a new needle craft. New to me anyway. I got happy mail! I ate happy treats!
And today is an especially happy Monday because I have 3 very special visitors coming over to my house this afternoon. 2 wee ones & their mom. They're coming over specifically to do crafty stuff with me! Isn't that so super fun?!
Have a sweet day! (4 more days until Spring!)
*Click HERE for more details on the pics.


  1. I'm glad you keep posting these weeks in review - hopefully one of these days it will remind me to go back to taking more pictures, so that I can go back to posting my own WIR mosaics! It's hard to make a mosaic when you only take a picture of three things all week ;-)

  2. Yea for productive weeks and learning new crafts! Would your new needle craft be needle felting? I recently learned how to make cute little wool animals and hearts and it was so much fun (except for the occasional poke from the needle...serious ouchies). Have fun today crafting. I will be busy posting my aprons on my etsy account that were supposed to be posted last week. It was a busy week.

  3. Glad to hear your week is off to a happy start!

    I can't believe it's that close to spring! I am SO SO happy about that.

    A little sun goes a long way in my book.


    Sylvia C.
    (PS- your cooties contest photo is strikingly similar to the couch I told you about in my dream. It's only missing the polka dots! LOL)


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