Monday, March 23, 2009

Week in Review

Lots of happy Spring fun this week! Jumping, planting, crafting, thrifting!!

And it seems my weekends involve at least one movie. So, here's another movie recommendation:The tag line for the movie is: "Make believe. Not war." Son of Rambow is set in England, early 80's & it's about 2 boys from different backgrounds who set out to make a movie inspired by First Blood (the first of 5 'Rambo' movies by Sylvester Stallone). After watching the movie, Mr. WhiMSy love's comment was: "I wouldn't have EVER rented this. But I liked it."

I also saw Twilight this weekend, for the first time. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but I LOVED it! I've never read the books, but am really excited to go out & get the first book. (Said the non-reader.) Let me just state the obvious: Edward Cullen = HOTNESS. I have about half the music tracks added to my blog playlist, even some of the score. I'm like a giddy, geeky, obsessed 7th grader. (No offense to giddy, geek 7th graders. I speak from experience.)

*Click on the mosaic for a photo play-by-play.


  1. I just love these mosaics, they are really fun! I must learn how to do this!

  2. Oh Twilight is such a nice movie!It's so intense..and edward!Hot boy+being a vampire=perfection
    I also have some The score soundtracks,the how would i die song in one of my fav.
    Nice blog,nice ideas.

  3. I've read the first two books (working on #3) which I love and so I'm almost afraid to watch the movie cause I don't want to be disappointed.

  4. I shipped your surprise off in the mail today... We took a little walk across town to the USPO. I do hope you like it, but that's okay if you don't!

    BTW... Inviting you to join my photo challenge next week on my blog blog:

  5. I left you a little award over on my blog! :0)

  6. Oh man I am so not trying to get swept up into the Twilight craze. I did the Harry Potter, and so many people I know dislike Twilight. But I saw the movie and I will only admit it here, it was kind of interesting. Tell anyone and I swear I will deny it. ;-) Listening to the songs on your player has me wanting to watch it again. Enabler!!! LOL!

  7. I had no intentions of reading the Twilight books but then it happened. The pretty book called to me at the library and I read the first chapter standing at the shelf. I got sucked right in and ended up reading all 4 books (one of which I had to buy because the library wouldn't have it for weeks!) within a week. I have to say it is a wonderful story!

  8. The Twilight books are better than the movie for sure. I'm not Twilight crazed but I did read the books rather quickly. They are easy reads. Have fun!

  9. If you liked the movie - READ the books, it explains so much and you will love Edward oh so very much more. I read all the books after some persuading from a few friends and thanked them profusely after I finished. (My husband however did not - he was ignored for a week while I became obsessed with them.) Enjoy!!


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