Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Button Challenge

I was recently asked to be a part of Lisa Clarke's Big Button Challenge. I've never participated in a creative challenge & was excited to take on this crafty adventure. (And the fact that I was one of 5 artists asked? Well, I just felt super special!)

I chose a fun pink & green button from Lisa's collection & began the very interesting process of creating a piece inspired by something. I don't think I've approached too many projects in this way. It was fun! There were many twists & turns along the way & it really is a challenge to dialogue with yourself about which direction to go in, which layout to choose.

I decided to create art with the button. I used a metal vintage embroidery hoop & sewed all sorts of random embellishments onto the sweet vintage yellow & green floral fabric. I had a vintage zipper, vintage thrifted yo-yo's, vintage seam binding, vintage buttons, new rik-rak, new tulle, & of course the adorably stripey new Polka Dot Cottage clay button!

I feel that the piece is very much in keeping with my WhiMSical, yet romantic self. And even though it is a busy little piece, the button still remains the focal point.

It's been exciting to see what the other artists have created! Lisa has 10 participants in her challenge & will soon have a vote up on her blog. I'll let you know when that happens.
UPDATE: My Big Button Challenge piece is up on Lisa's blog now.


  1. Gorgeous button and a great end result .

  2. I can't even begin to imagine just how cute your house must be!

  3. Very cute project, Whimsy! I love your color scheme--it's so YOU--and your art looks great between your book art. GREAT job!

    On another note: Don't forget that tomorrow is Saturday, so if you've got any cute selfies (doubtless you do, you're such a cute person), I'd love to see em!

  4. I love this piece. I've been on a sewing kit lately and I am suddenly in love with vintage sewing supplies...buttons, seam binding, etc.

  5. I love what you came up with...I don't know how I would have aproached the challenge. Great job!

    Dunno if you post them on your sidebar, but I tagged you for a bloggy award.

    Hope you have a super great weekend!

  6. What a creative, romantic and beautiful way to use the button. Good luck on the challenge.


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