Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

  • Easter egg hunt at church today. (Oh, there will be bouncy castles for the kids too! Do you think they'll let me bounce?)
  • Birthday party to attend.
  • Must dye eggs. (I didn't get creative this year. I just bought those cheesy plastic tubs with the dye tablets already inserted.)
  • Wrap up the girls Easter basket goodies. (Even though I had all the goodies purchased, Scott went out & bought the girls each a big stuffed chickie plushie to add to the loot. He's so cute.)
  • S'mores party (Yay! I get to test out my new chairs! And, the hubby mowed the lawn yesterday. I totally heart that.)
  • Can't forget to make cheesy drop biscuits for Easter lunch at my brother's house. (Bummer, grandma is out of town. She always has an egg hunt for the adults--with MONEY eggs! And you should see me us play rough when it comes to the adult egg hunt. Really, all I do is run around the yard squealing & screaming while doing this hyper skipping thing as I'm frantically looking for the eggs.)
  • Guess who gets to be at church at 7:15 A.M. on Sunday morn'? (I joined my church choir. No, don't think "robes" or "hymnals".)
But I will take some time this weekend to chill out & relax & be with my family & celebrate Easter.
Happy weekend! And Happy Easter!


  1. happy easter nik! i hope they let you bounce!

  2. Sounds like so much fun!

    Happy Easter to you and yours. :)

  3. With all that going on this weekend, I hope you try to relax! Happy Easter!

  4. We love making those cookies! Happy Hunting!!

  5. Happy Easter, Whimsy!

    Hey...gave you a little mention on my blog today. I hope you can join in, girl--I'll bet you have some GREAT self-portraits to share. No pressure:

    Love your blog, it always makes me smile! Been following your blog, but I'ma fave your Etsy shop too! Cute stuff!

  6. I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter weekend. My family will be celebrating Easter and my sister's birthday is the same day so we have quite the celebration this weekend. :-) Have a happy and safe one. :-)

  7. We, too, have an adult Easter egg hunt after the kids are done. There is only 1 egg with $20 in it and 8 adults searching. It is more fun than the kids' hunt.....I think! Happy Easter!

  8. Lucky gal. I'll be meeting my choir-mates at 4:30am to lug chairs, the altar and music stuff outside for sunrise service. Eshk.

  9. oh gosh..wishing you and your sweet family a blessed and a very Happy Easter!!!


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