Friday, April 10, 2009

Circus Sideshow.

While out thrifting today I picked up an odd bagged assortment of tiny, random doo-dads for 5 bucks. Miniatures, gumball machine toys, pendants, all sorts of kitschy fun! After eyeing each individual piece, I noticed this metal, large, heavy-ish ring.
The ring reads: CLIFF/8FT 7"/GIANT/460/THOMPSON. So I googled it & discovered I had a very neato treat indeed!
This ring is one of many that were sold at circuses & carnivals as souveniers, from the early 1900's through the mid 1960's. And this ring was the only one of all the "Giant" rings that displayed both the height & weight (460 lbs.).
Cliff Thompson was born in 1904 & died in 1955. And this ring will be up for sale in the shop soon! It's for sale HERE. Wasn't that a fun discovery?


  1. Very cool find indeed, and happy belated birthday Nikki! I love the picture of you with the yellow ballooons so I'm glad you didn't let what the neighbors might think of you stop you from taking it!

  2. Your first picture reminds me of I Spy! What a neat find that ring is!

  3. Love your bag o doo-dads! Great find.

  4. Oh, these are my favorite kinds of finds!

  5. so cool, I just cannot wait until my bag of whimsy goodies peeps out of my mailbox. Thanks for picking my name I am excited.


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