Saturday, April 18, 2009

dirt & stuff.

What got into me yesterday? I turned into Super Garden Girl. I really, really, really, really love being outside with my pots & soil & mini shovel & cute garden gloves. But most of the time the stuff I attempt to grow ends up....not growing. The girls & I had so much fun making our yard all cute!

But this is my NOT favorite part. If someone ELSE could clean up the mess, that would great!

I went SO berzerko in the yard that I was ALREADY sore before I sat down to eat dinner.
I potted petunias, pansies & alysum in pots out front... I finally got a plant to put in the most awesomely bright purple planter I spray-painted a few weeks ago... I cleaned up the rest of last Fall's leaves (hee hee)... I noticed some scalloped brick border laying haphazardly in our yard, that's been there since we moved in 14 months ago. (Musta been on our landlord 'to-do' list prior to our arrival.) SO, I "installed" it in-between my neighbor & my duplex.

I paused to take photos of all the worms & other creepy crawlies that my girls & the neighbor kids were collecting. Ew.
I repotted 3 African Violets that I received as a present a few years ago from my grandmother. They were part of the flowers at my grandpa's funeral &, miraculously, I've kept them green & growing. They haven't been repotted since I got them & I'm nervous about their transplant. Hopefully they will survive. I even took a toothbrush & cleaned the dirt off all their leaves. Those little hairy leaves attract everything!
And finally, the girls & I went on a treasure hunt of sorts. Remember those sunflower seeds we planted a few weeks ago? Well, I never marked where we planted them. We were on an urgent mission to find the sprouts before daddy mowed over them on his next lawn adventure. We spotted several, but not all of them. THIS time we marked them with bright pom-poms glued on toothpicks. I'm so proud of us! The seeds are growing!!!

After a yummy BBQ grilled dinner I relaxed with my feet up on the couch while watching Season 3 of 'The Office' & crafting.
I'm afraid to wake up & feel the pain...
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oh fun! I am so looking forward to having a yard again. Love the polka dotted pots! Mackenna started pink zinnias with a Target grow kit since shaye's sunflower sprouts are doing so well! Hopefully, I can put the m in the yard without killing them .:)

  2. You kill plants, too? Good to know that it's not just me. Around here, it's a family trait. When we go to Home Depot, we buy sacrifices.

  3. thanks for your super uber gardener inspiration! the pompom-toothpick marker is genius...i'll have to borrow that idea and maybe tinker with it a bit for our vegetable gardem. =) the hubby "helped" with some planting the other day while i was at work, and i came home to find nothing had been marked and he wasn't 100% sure on remembering where what was....i'll get it figured and marked thanks to your creativity. enjoy your weekend! =)

  4. Spring fever!! I love those polka dot planters. They are so cute! Do they make them in other colors?

    Miss K

  5. I got the polka-dotted pots at Target (I think?) about 3 years ago.


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