Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dyeing & Roasting.

I knew the day would be busy, but I was oh-so-glad it was also fun! The girls enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at church & my friend Tia was there snappin' photos of everyone.

The girls & I made it home to decorate eggs & bake cheesy biscuits for Easter lunch tomorrow with aunts & uncles, grandma, grandpa & cousins. They were so simple to make & so fattening to eat. What a bummer that they're soooo delicious. Of course.

And, last minute, I TOTALLY forgot that, unless I wanted the girls to wear their scuffed-up & dirty tennis shoes with their pretty new Easter dresses, I needed to scoot to the store in a JIFFY & get them some fancy duds for their feets! So, while daddy took them to a birthday party, I ran to Target.
Our day concluded with some good friends & yummy s'mores.

Look at my happy little backyard! Those new birthday chairs are the perfect start to the whimsical atmosphere I want to create. I can't wait to funk it up some more this Spring & Summer!

I accidentally flung a freshly roasted, flaming marshmallow at Scott. We all could not stop laughing!

Ok, gotta get rest for another big day tomorrow!

(Tia took about half the pics in the post. Thanks T-Uh!)


  1. Your chairs look so great out there! Looks like a really fun day!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I can just imagine how fun and whimsical that outside space is going to end up! Love the marshmellow disaster. :) Glad you had a happy week!


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