Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I bought WHAT?

I ♥ thrift shopping. It's one of my favorite pastimes. At least once a week, I make it a point to thrift. I love the treasure hunt. I love the deals. I love digging & searching. I love making up stories as to WHY someone would get rid of something or WHO it belonged to or WHAT value some person in the past held to the item I had found.
I often come home with some odd collection of random finds. And last week was no exception.
I am immediately drawn to anything with a vintage feel or aged appeal. So, when I saw this vintage golden yellow rose peeking out from under a pile of doilies made in China, I grabbed it right away. Oooh! Look at that black tulle & the sparkly gold & green rik-rak!! What a cute apron!! I took it home & carefully looked it over as I do all my thrifted loot.
This "apron" had also come with a miniature table runner. Or something resembling a miniature table runner. I was a bit puzzled.
(These apron strings are a bit too small. Please don't tell me a human actually exists that could wear this thing! Wait. These strings don't cinch the same as an apron might.)
The shape of the apron was a tad bit odd too.


(Oh. Hold it. Hold on a sec here. I think I know EXACTLY what it is....)

Yep. Perfect fit.
Mystery solved. And though it's everything vintage & cute & lovely & adorable, I just can't keep it in a house with 2 little messy girls & a man.
So, these pretties for your potty are in the shop now!


  1. Your story had me in stiches - how cool it looks on the dunny!

  2. I love thrift finds too, I am always so entrigued by this story of the thingys past life :)

  3. OMG I'm in love with this!!!!! It has to be one the most amazing things I've ever seen... ok so I've led a sheltered life!!!!!

    Unfortunately I have 2 sons, hubby & a very messy daughter who would just not appreciate it like I would... they have no taste!

    Thanks for sharing it, hope to drop by again

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  4. ROFL!!!!!!!!! I almost spit my orange juice all over the desk here. That could have been bad! :) I love it- just love it.

  5. I was looking at it thinking...that could fit a toilet seat...then I scrolled down! So funny!

  6. I saw your twitter before the post... now it all makes sense. :)

  7. My cheeks hurt from laughing. Thank you.

    It would've made a lovely apron. ^_^

  8. ok, now that was sort of HILARIOUS ;)!!

  9. Oh, who, who, who thought it was a good idea to put FABRIC so near a toilet seat? Anytime I see a toilet rug or seat cover I want to gag a little.

    I mean...someone please buy this on Etsy!


    As soon as I saw the pic of you holding it up in front of you I thought...wait a minute...that's a...

  11. Oh, that is so funny... By any chance did you see a little doll with a matching skirt that would hide the toilet paper?

  12. OMG. That's hilarious. I bet you could turn it into a pillow if you wanted to.

    I love thrifting too and go AT LEAST once a week. I find the coolest stuff. Maybe I'll blog today's finds!

  13. PS... I am very whimsical too, so I HAD to follow you!

  14. This is the funniest story. I think you would need a dedicated guest bathroom to use something so frilly.

  15. LOLL!!! Too funny! When I saw it I was thinking "Hummm...that looks almost like a..." then I scrolled down and I giggled when I saw I was right. LOL! Its so different, I've been trying to imagine the bathroom it used to live in. I am honestly picturing a sweet little old lady with pretty scented toiletries sitting on her counter next to a silver-plated hairbrush, comb, and mirror set. ;-) Great find!

  16. That is some hardcore awesome right there. It would make my whole life if the person who made that randomed across this post. =)

  17. That is TOO hilarious! And I LUV me some vintage thrifty fun....

    I can hear it, do you? Listen close now....Garage sale season is coming!!!!!


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