Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lucky Me!

It's still officially my birthmonth. The last day, but still. And I was SuPeR surprised by the package I got yesterday from CarrieSue of Pretty Fickle. Everything was wrapped so sweetly. She is quite clever in her pincushions disguised as snack foods! Isn't that the cutest donut pincushion you've EVER seen??!!
It's a party year-round at the 'WhiMSy love' house so the yo-yo garland went up right away!
The adorably sweet owlie scrabble tile pendant was handmade by It's All About The Print.

The birthday note she sent even made me laugh! I had to share...

Written on the card was a rousing round of "Happy Birthmonth To You!", & then her kids added things like:
"...& many more, on channel 4!"
"...& Scooby Doo on channel 2!"
"...& Frankenstein on channel 9!"
"...& Big Fat Lady on channel 80!"
I hadn't even heard of most of these ad-libs. But believe me, I took notes & am adding them to my 'Happy Birthday' song repertoire immediately.

I feel like the luckiest goil in the woild!

Be sure to check out Pretty Fickle for your own yo-yo garlands & foodie pincushions!


  1. This cupcake says that she wants one of those donuts! What a great idea, and so adorable! Love it!

  2. LOL! We used to sing Happy Birthday like that all the time! Thanks for reminding me!

    Happy Birth-Month!!

    Lovin' the pin-cushion, by the way.

  3. That is the cutest thing ever!

  4. I'm in love with pincushions right now too! That donut is too cute! Boy, am I jealous! You certainly managed to pull off an entire month of birthday!


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