Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Burf-Day Day.

So, here's a run-down of my birthday day: It started out early. Really early. This picture mosaic shows: 1. Me, JUST out of bed with the super sun-shiney sunshine blasting on my not-so-happy morning face 2. eating breakfast from a Burger King drive thru (a Croisson'wich made with a sesame seed bun? whatever. I'm too tired to complain.) 3. Taking a nap 4. Putting on makeup & doing my hair before we arrive to our destination.

After our morning appointment, the fun could begin!!!! We stopped by Snoqualmie Falls & took some photos from the observatory deck. It was very high up. I HATE heights. Yikes!

Almost every time I take a self portrait in public I always have someone ask me, "Oh, would you like me to take your photo?" So, I politely let them take a picture & 100 times out of 100 I like the self portrait photo the best. Do people just not "get" the power of the self-portrait? the hilarity of the self-portrait? the awesomeness that is "the self portrait"?

I snapped this photo as we drove past. I'm sure it would've been a great place to eat lunch, but it wasn't quite eatin' time yet & we had more ground to cover.

We ate in North Bend at the North Bend Bar & Grill & I had a decent BBQ pulled pork sandwich & fries. Scott & I shared THE BEST plate of homemade chips. Oh. My. Gosh. So delicious. It was served with some creamy french onion dip.

I didn't have much luck shopping. I was mostly looking for old forks for my fork easels, as my supply is running oh-so-low due to a fantastic large order I just got from a customer for her wedding! I did pick up a few forks, some cute vintage pillowcases & a vintage embroidered pillow.

It was fun to just wander around randomly with my hubby & see what we could find. It was REALLY fun to be kidless for a day. (Although, we both did miss the girls by late afternoon!)

We arrived home & a bouquet of sunny yellow balloons was tied up by our front door. A sneaky balloon surprise from Tia. I untied them to take some self portrait jumpy shots. My neighbors think I'm nuts: setting the self-timer, running with my balloons to the bench, crouching down, jumping in time with the camera's timing, running over to the camera to see if the photo was a good one or not & repeating the whole process about 10 times.

After unpacking our stuff, we traveled down the street to my parents house to pick up the girls. I stepped out of the car & followed all the chalky birthday messages & drawings my 6 year old made for me.

Look! It's a sign-in sheet for all the party guests to write their names on! Isn't that so cute? Dinner was waiting & some of my family showed up to help celebrate. I was very surprised & so very happy!
Here's 3 of my favorite girls EVER: my 4 year old niece & my 2 daughters.

My mom served cupcakes that the girls picked out earlier in the day at the grocery store.

Lookie what I got! My parents' gift to me were these plastic Adirondack chairs I've been eyeing over at Big Lots. These were the only colors left. I guess I'm lucky I got any at all -they are going quickly! I plan on using them this weekend for a s'mores party!!
Thanks for all your birthday wishes & greetings. It was so fun to come home & read all the comments on my blog, twitter, flickr & Etsy convos!!


  1. Love the pictures, looks like you had a great birthday! =)

  2. What a great time you had! Love the first photo looks like the baloons are holding you up!

  3. Happy belated Birthday!! It looks like you had a blast and I love the photo journalism... =D The jumping shot of you is AWESOME!! Why cares what the neighbors think! LOL!

  4. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Your girls are so thoughtful to keep up your sidewalk chalk tradition!

  5. Happy late birthday ... although in our house birthdays are made to last a week ... so keep on partying.

  6. I am so glad you had a nice day! Your photos are cute! I tried to find vintage pillow cases yesterday but couldn't find a one! I did find a cute little handmade apron that is hot pink with black dots and Eiffel Towers on it. It's super cute!

    I am also impressed with just how high you can jump! :0)

  7. Love the pink and green - that is the combo I would have picked for me!

  8. okay, happy belated nikki! sounds like the bestest birthday a girl could hope for. your first picture with the balloons made me really want to see that movie "up" that's coming out soon (probably because i HEART balloons-always have, especially yellow ones, lol). cupcakes? how perfect for you. and that's one lucky-awesome bride to have found your fork easels (perfect idea! wish i'd found ya when i got married) have a fantastic night, and even better rest of your week!

  9. All of you looks so cheerful in the photos!

  10. Wow! What a great birthday1 I really enjoyed following your day!Looked cozy

  11. I love the pink and green chairs!! Yum! Happy Birthday all week! Cozy fabulous! Lucky Duck!

  12. So glad you had a lovely birthday. :-) And here's to many more just like it, if not even better. :-)

  13. Looks like you had a great day!!
    Glad you got to really enjoy it!!

  14. Look at all of the birthday love and fun!! I'm glad your day was so happy as you are often the one spreading the smiles. :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like an amazing day! Here's to many, many more!


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