Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pennants With Pizazz!

A pennant is a long, tapering flag usually in the shape of a narrow triangle. And I got a chance to make these last night at church with the girls in my Daisies group (kindergarten girls). Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to snap photos of their creations as time was running short & snack-time was upon us. Cupcakes were to be eaten. Sugary juice was to be sipped.

This is not a step-by-step tutorial, because these pennants are SO easy to make you don't need my crafty hand to hold yours through any instructions.

All you do is cut a narrow triangle from felt---in whatever size you wish---& glue on scraps of felt in the designs you'd like using tacky glue. That's all! (My pennants were 10" at the tallest point & 20" long.)
Zoey made the yellow one, decorated with puppies & their doggie bowls. One girl made an airplane on her pennant. There were also lots of hearts, more cupcakes & ice cream sundaes.

We made ours for hanging. A simple tack on the wall will do the trick. But, you could also attach a wooden dowel for a hand-held pennant.

I decided that pennants will also be a part of my birthday party kits for sale in the shop---as soon as I get them completed. They're perfect for a party!

Cut out letter-shapes & create personalized pennants with names. In addition to the felt, use yarn, ribbons, pom-poms, buttons or other crafty bits to add more pizazz to your pennants!

Have lots of crafty pennant-like FUN!!!


  1. so cute! adding a cupcake to anything makes it adorable!

  2. That looks like an easy enough craft for us to try. Very cute!

  3. LOVE the cupcake pennant! This must be cupcake week (painted and baked some myself, hehe!)

    ~ Carolee

  4. Ok, this is too cute! I must try this with my kindergateners! Great idea!

  5. So doing this! At church with my girls, and just for the heck of it! ^_^


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