Saturday, April 11, 2009

Self Portrait Saturday

I forgot to mention that I DID get to bounce in the kiddie bouncy house today at the Easter egg hunt! My wish came true. Wheee! This self portrait is part of a "Self Portrait Saturday" meme that Quasimodo is doing every Saturday on her blog. Hop on over & join in when you can on Saturdays!


  1. Happy Easter to you all.
    It looks like you had lots of fun
    yesterday. xx

  2. Happy Easter! I don't even know you, but I feel like I do since I read your blog. I thought of you yesterday while reading my Real Simple magazine. It is the May issue. There is an ad, two page spread, for carpet and the lady in the picture has pigtails and looked like fun and it made me think of your "nerd" picture over on the right! Too funny!! Thought I'd just let you know that you were thought of by a complete stranger! LOL! Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


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