Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrific Terrariums!!

I ♥ terrariums.


I'm SO happy with how my miniature ecosystems turned out.

And, of course, I went picture crazy.

I'm TOTALLY excited to show this project to my MOPS group today. (Mothers Of PreSchoolers.) I was bummed to not get real moss, so I resorted to ground cover. I found a great deal at Home Depot for most of the greenery. There were about 4 or 5 varieties to choose from. I also purchased pea gravel & regular potting soil. I didn't use the activated charcoal in these little terrariums as I was trying to cut costs for our group of 30. The charcoal helps with drainage (but so do the rocks) & controls any odor that might occur.

In fact, click HERE for a really great tutorial on how to make terrariums, including tips on caring for your miniature world of green.

For containers we'll mostly be using wide-mouthed quart canning jars, but I also recycled food jars. I tried thrifting for some more unique containers but didn't have much luck. You can also see the tiny little terrariums my girls made from artichoke heart jars.

Dinner was delayed due to the mess on the dining table.

I rolled large paper bags down really short & inserted plastic shopping bags. I filled 4 bags with pea gravel & 4 bags with potting soil for each table. Each table will also be supplied with an assortment of plants & jars to choose from.
Taking notes from the previously mentioned terrarium tutorial, I printed out a "how to water & care for your terrarium" cheat sheet for each person.

The little mushrooms I've been working on will finally receive little happy homes! Each person gets to pick a favorite for their terrarium.
I was thinking how much fun kids would have making these (I know my girls did!)--& for decorations they could use a matchbox car or tiny Barbie accessories or any little toys really.
Jennifer gave me a great idea too: stamp words on little pebbles for terrarium decorations. She also reminded me of another idea in my "tutorial file": paint little rocks & add them to your terrarium. Remember my rock painting tute? Click HERE for a recap. Oh!-Tiny painted rock creatures would be an adorable addition to these adorable terrariums!
I know some of your were creeped out by the little gnome dude. But he really is my favorite part of it all!
The car is loaded with jars & gravel & plants & soil & all the necessary terrarium decor, awaiting some morning crafty fun. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. This really looks like it was heaps of fun to make - and they look great on the windowsill too!

  2. These are great!! Your MOPS group are lucky ducks =) The mushrooms add the perfect touch.

  3. I love this wonderful crafy, gardeny idea. My mother-in-law had a terrarium that sat on her kitchen table for as long as I knew her. When she died, I took it because no one else wanted it. I kept it going for years.

    The day that someone hit it and broke it, I sat down and sobbed. I cried so hard my husband offered to go buy me another container to start a new one. I told ... er cried out to him that "IT JUST WOULDN'T BE THE SAME!!"

    This brought back so many good memories of eating dinner at her table with the terrarium.

    I might just have to go out and do this.

  4. I have wanted to make these for a long time. Here is the spot I first saw them..


    You did a great job on them! I love the mushroom and gnome! I want some of them! How about putting them in the shop?

  5. Oh, now these are just wonderful and I so want to make some! Lots!!!

  6. These are totally adorable, Nikki! So much fun! Next you can make Fairy houses with your group... Enjoy!

  7. Awesome! I am in love with my little terrarium made from a vintage pyrex coffee pot. I just bought a glass creamer and an apothecary jar to make two more. Yay thrift stores!

    I actually have a lot of moss in my area of town so I took a walk with a spoon and a baggie and used that for my terrarium. There are two kinds in my neighborhood mostly- a thick, plush green and a sorta "sparkly" looking kind.

    Yours are lovely. Now I need to find me some mini mushrooms for mine or paint some rocks! :)

  8. Your MOPS group doesn't know how good they have it! Too. Much. Fun.

  9. Those are so neat! Love the little toadstools! My kids would love making these! :0)

  10. How adorableand how fun!


  11. OOOOh! I neeeed to make some of those!! I'm really going to have fun with this, I'll let you know how it turns out. BTW you can buy bulk activated charcoal at some pets stores in the fish supply so that is really nice if you only want a little bit.

  12. Love these!!! I might just have to try one. I saw cute rocks @the Dollar Store that had names of different herbs on them and I was thinking of making my own for my herb garden... kind of the same idea. thanks for sharing! Hope it went great with your MOPS group!

  13. My girls are going to love this one!

  14. I just saw Pottery Barn Kids post these terraniums and I am looking everywhere to find where I can by the little mushroom picks. Did you offer a tutorial on this? How cute!!!


  15. Very cute!
    I want to ake one! I LOVE the one that looks the most like grass... The pretty little jar with the mushroom in it. Do you have the name of the plant??


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